Box Elder Burl (Dyed Wine)


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This is a type of maple that was planted by early settlers in the prairie lands of the United States as a shade tree. The tree is used for maple syrup production, and the plain wood is sometimes used for making crates or furniture. This stock is from a burl (tree cancer) that has been dyed wine under intense pressure. Please note that due to the nature of the dying process the results can vary from more solid wine to the variegated pattern shown here. They all make for a beautiful set of dice.

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4 reviews for Box Elder Burl (Dyed Wine)

  1. Danny Cline

    Is it possible to get 4d6 Box Elder Burl dice, but each dyed different colors (e.g. One each of wine, teal, violet, and blue)?

    Getting ready to back the Kickstarter, but I like the Box Elder dyed dice which aren’t available on that so I am thinking about putting in an order for them as well.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      no we’re sorry danny, but it is not possible to mix and match types of wood in a set.

  2. Danny Cline

    Thanks! I will think about what I want to do about that then! You also don’t have polyhedral a available in the dyed burls, am I correct?

    Do you come to Gen Con? I could try picking some up there.

    By the way, I pledged to the Kickstarter yesterday. Ancient Kauri, here I come!

    • Charlie Brumfield

      awesome danny! thanks for backing. we do not have any of the dyed burls in polyhedral form. i can not buy the stock thick enough for it. you won’t regret the kauri. it’s amazing stuff! if you like they dyed woods you’ll want to watch the next couple of updates. i’ve got something in store for yall.

  3. Skylar Nitesh

    Will there be a 7 or 8 (with one fudge) dice RPG set made from the Elder Burl (Dyed Wine) in the foreseeable future. I think they look amazing but have no need for more than one standard 6 sided dice.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      nope sorry skyler. we can not offer the dyed woods in polyhedral form. we also only offer polyhedrals in 10 the tradition 10 dice set. if you don’t want the other 3 d6’s share them with your friends. they make great gifts.

  4. Max G

    Will there be a Polyhedral set in this style of wood soon? I like the almost “bloodstained” quality of it. Fitting for more brutal RPGs.

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