Holiday Dice Guide

We make the best dice in the world. They’re so good, they belong in every stocking. We’ve got all the info below you’ll need to get a set of the best dice on the planet under your tree in time for delivery by Old St. Nick. 

Holiday Specials

Dice Box of Many Things

Looking for the perfect gift for that special gamer someone? Maybe you just want a little more random in your life. Then you my friend need a Dice Box of Many Things!

Every one of our DBoMT sets consists of a Polyhedral 10 dice set (1d20, 1d12, 1d10, 1d%, 1d8, 4d6, & 1d4) + a bonus d20. And for the Holiday Season each set comes with a chance to win one of ten $100 or one of two $500 gift cards, or Santa’s Ultimate Collection!  Click the link below for more details!

Big Ass Christmas D20s

Perfect for your tree and your gaming table, these festive Big Ass Bloodwood D20s are inlaid with iron and come with a magnetic hanger for display on your favorite gamer’s tree this holiday season.

Coal d20s

Got someone on your naughty list? Get them just what they deserve, a d20 made from coal. We have a limited number of Naughty List approved d20s and Polyhedral Sets shipping in time for delivery by Old St. Nick.

Free $40 Gift Cards!

Our Black Cyber Gift Card Bonanza has been extended! Every order of $200 or more will receive a $40 Gift Card along with their order.

Candy Cane D20s

Happy Holidays folks! Every year we make something a little special for Old St. Nick to drop in your favorite gamer’s stocking. This year our Candy Cane Elemental Twenty Sided Dice are back for a limited time. These Candy Cane Elemental Dice look good enough to eat, though we don’t recommend you try it as these incredibly beautiful crafted stone dice are just a bit hard on the teeth.

Caribou Dice

Nothing quite says Christmas Magic like flying reindeer. If you’re looking to add a bit of this magical holiday season to your next dice roll, then your’re in luck, we’ve crafted two 9 dice sets from reindeer antlers as well as a number of d20s. Why nine dice? Because Santa only has 9 reindeer. And in the spirit of Santa’s sleigh pulling team, you can opt to have the d20 of the set infilled with red because well Rudolph’s nose is known to glow so bright!

Big Ass Elemental D20s

Love stone dice but can’t stand tiny dice? We got you fam. Our Big Ass Elemental dice are gigantic bolder sized math rocks that make the pefect click clack sound. They’re guarenteed for life and arrive in time for Old St. Nick, We’ve even got a couple of holiday season one offs perfect for stuffing those stockings with. 

Holiday Gift Wrapping

Save yourself the headache this Holiday Season and let our professional gift wrapping Minions handle your festive wrapping needs. Gift Wrapping is available on all item this Season. 

The Fine Print:

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