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Wizard Bird: Relaunched November 26thWe make the finest dice on the planet. Until now they have also been the most expensive. We’ve worked for years now perfecting our craft by constantly improving our methods, our craftsman ship, and our work flow. We are always pushing ourselves to make better and better dice. Our Adventurer’s Dice are the next step in that evolution. Finely crafted sets of 7 Polyhedral Dice consisting of 1d20, 1d12, 1d10, 1d%, 1d8, 1d6, and 1d4 made from some of the finest domestic species available. Each set comes in a stamped steel display case featuring a laser cut foam insert to protect the dice from any wear and tear a party of intrepid Adventurer’s is likely to encounter in their latest dungeon delve. But should the unforeseeable happen each set of Adventurer’s Dice is backed by our lifetime warranty.

How do these dice differ from our Druid, Archdruid, and Gaea’s Preserve dice? By featuring a matte lacquer finish, and using a more refined machining process, we can eliminate the need to sand to final size each of the 70 different faces that make up a set of Adventurer’s Dice. This along with standardizing these sets with no customization, allows us to offer the most accurately machined wooden dice available at an affordable price that will not break the bank. Each set is in-stock and ready to ship direct to your door.

Our Adventurer’s Dice sets are available in the following woods:

Wizard Bird: Relaunched November 26th

Wizard Bird: Relaunched November 26th

The Holidays Are Here! In the spirit of the season we’re revisiting our ENTIRE Prismatic Spray line of Adventurer’s Dice. Every Set from Death Spider to Jack O’Lantern along with several new colors will be available over the next 30 days. But you’d better act fast because each color is only available for 24 hours. Day 4 brings us Wizard Bird as we send Red Death  back to the archives! Wizard Bird will only be available until Sunday November 24th!

The Baltic Birch used in these dice, comes from your guessed it, The Baltic region of Europe where it’s known for making some of the highest quality cross grain plys in the world. Uniform in density and incredibly strong Baltic Birch is used in a myriad of applications from cabinetry to our favorite use, jig and fixtures. You’ll find a number of Baltic Birch jigs and fixtures in our shop thanks to it’s strength and stability. Its also used in gun stocks, guitar bodies, and fine wood turning.

Archived Prismatic Spray Colors

Native Texas Ash, is a drought-tolerant cousin of the more common Mountain Ash.

Texas Ash is a relative of White Ash, F. americana. It grows on limestone bluffs, and can be found from Dallas in north central Texas to areas west and south. Its water requirements are low, although it can tolerate moderate amounts of moisture as long as the area has good drainage. Its leaves turn glowing red, gold, orange and purple colors in the fall. It is distinguished from White Ash by its leaflets, which are more rounded, and by having five to seven leaflets instead of the seven to nine leaflets of White Ash, according to Texas A&M.

Ash wood is a pale tan color with a tight, consistent grain. This makes the laser engraving really easy to read on a polyhedral set of dice made from Ash.

Interesting fact: Yggdrasil (The World Tree from Norse mythology) is a gigantic Ash tree. Yggdrasil dice would make an awesome set for a Viking Barbarian or Priest.

Red Alder is deciduous member of the birch family native to the Pacific Northwest. It has a catkins style flowers (kinda like a pine cone, but not a pine cone). Alder is also has a rather important relationship with a bacteria know as Frankia alni. What’s so special about this little bacteria? It works with the Alder to supply an unheard of 290lbs per acre of nitrogen to fertilize the soil in Alder’s natural ranges.

Alder was a relatively unheard of species of wood until about two decades ago when cabinet makers discovered its wonderful working properties and cherry coloration, since then it has exploded in popularity in fine woodworking from turning bowls to high end cabinets. More recently Alder has found striking success in solid body electric guitars.

It would be hard to overstate Black Walnut’s popularity among American woodworkers. Walnut is used in a variety of applications from fine furniture to cabinets and gun stocks. Not only is Black Walnut a great species of hardwood, it’s a tasty nut to boot.

It’s easy-going working characteristics, rich brown coloration, and dimensional stability puts the wood in a the top of the domestic woods in popularity. To top it off, Black Walnut is shock resistant and stupidly strong for its weight. Black Walnut is one of the most prized species native to the United States.

Another Native Texas wood! We love working with Aromatic Cedar. Though it’s not really a true cedar (Actually none of the American Cedar’s are.) Aromatic Cedar is in truth a species of Juniper. Eastern Aromatic Cedar is quite striking with red and purple tone intermixed with creamy yellows. It cuts like a dream and it smells heavenly. This is the cedar they use to make cedar chests.

In most places where this species of Juniper grows it grows rather slowly. In the Great State of Texas however, this Juniper tree grows like a weed thanks to our climate and will overtake a pasture in a few short year is not kept in check.

One of the premier cabinetry woods, Black Cherry is highly sought after for its fine grain, great working characteristics, along with Cherry’s wonderful ability to change color.

Cherry undergoes a chemical reaction over time with exposed to ultra violet light. As can be seen in older pieces crafted from this wood, it takes on a darker patina with age. So much like a fine wine of excellent vintage, cherry only gets better with age.

Hickory was an indispensable wood to the settlers. Its tough hard wood was and still is used extensively for tool handles and wheel spokes. President Andrew Jackson was even called “Old Hickory” because of his tough and aggressive personality.

The Hickory tree actually covers 19 species of tree. The particular Hickory we use Texas Swamp Hickory. It grows in the swampy creek bottoms of our native East Texas and is a close relative of the Pecan. It’s often used as a smoking wood since it burns long and imparts a wonderful flavor to meat. It is the woods medium tan color and close grain that give Swamp Hickory a wonderful character.

Advernturer's Dice in Maple Maple is a staple of the woodworking industry. Grown all across North America, Maple’s fine grain and tiny pore size make it a strong stable wood that is excellent in all types of wood working. Highly sought after in everything from cabinetry to fine instruments. Maple is known great working characteristics and its ability to readily take a wide variety of stains.

This light-colored warm brown Oak is native Texas and covers about a dozen different species of Oak tree. Is is a prevalent hard wood in North America and is used for just about everything including cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, flooring, and veneer.

Oak is one of the toughest trees native to north America and has been used in construction of everything from the tall sailing ships of years gone by to modern fine furniture. It’s quite a heavy wood whose mechanical properties make oak one of the best natural building materials.

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