Ancient Bog Oak Burl

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bog oak burlWhat happens when you soak an oak tree in a swamp for thousands of years? It turns a malevolent black as the evil of that dank feted water is absorbed in to the fibers of the once mighty oak. This stuff is seriously cool and it’s older than Methuselah. Sometime around 5,000 years ago a tree fell in a swamp in what would one day become Russia. That tree had a gnarly cancerous burl. Thousands of years later that once mighty oak was exhumed from it’s watery grave and that exceedingly rare burl removed. Then of course, we turned it in to some of the most awesome d20’s in existence.

The photo does not do these one of a kind dice justice. It’s nearly impossible to photograph the depth that appears in the these sinister beauties once they are polished to an obsidian like shine. I’ve made 8 of these, but only 7 are for sale. I’m keeping one to replace my venerable player killing die. I think my PC’s should be very wary the next time we game.

The only thing these dice are missing is the laser engraving, which will be done over the weekend. So like everything else we are making today these dark wonders will be shipping out the first part of next week.

2 reviews for Ancient Bog Oak Burl

  1. Silas

    How much are these?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      sold out sir.

  2. Boris Dimitrov

    Price for one

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