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Assorted Burl DiceSo a couple of weeks back one of our awesome customers approached us about commissioning a custom set of dice made from various burls that he would provide from his private stock. Typically we don’t take customer supplied woods, especially burls due to the loss rate on burl dice, but Zac was rather persistent, so I finally agreed for him to send over his burls and I’d see what I could make from them.

When they arrived a few days later I was quite pleasantly surprised. Every last one was of the highest quality. They looked as if they had been hand picked for me by some of my better suppliers. Each one was solid wood through and through, with only the most minor voids and inclusions. Top quality stuff indeed. Not only that each burl he provided were some of our most sought after species. Including Honduran Rosewood Burl, Redwood Lace Burl, Desert Ironwood Burl, and Ambyona Burl. This project just went from a potential giant headache, to something I was looking forward to making. Suffice to say Zac has excellent taste.

After a brief discussion, it was decided that I would include a couple of burls of my own to round out a full polyhedral set, with each die being crafted from a different species of burl. Along with a matching 5d6 set of each, provided there was enough good material to make them. Anything left over would be made in to d20s with Zac having the first choice among the d20’s.

Assorted Burl Polyhedral SetWhat we ended up with is a drop dead gorgeous set of assorted burl polyhedrals crafted from the following burls:

  • d12 – desert iron wood
  • d10 – honduran rosewood
  • d10 – coolibah burl
  • d8 – amboyna
  • d4 – gmelia burl
  • d6 – red wood lace
  • d6 – myrtle
  • d6 – claro walnut
  • d6 – laotian black & white ebony

AssortedBurl20sAlong with a plethora of assorted burl d20s. Which include from left to right:

  • Gemlia Burl and a single Gemila Burl with Turquoise inlay (Far Left)
  • 2 Coolibah Burl and 2 Coolibah Burl with Turquoise inlay (Next to Far Left)
  • 3 Desert Ironwood Burl (Shown in the back)
  • 4 Black Poison Wood/Chechen Burl with some amazing coloration, swirling pinks, greens, tans, and topes. (Shown in the middle)
  • 3 Ambyona Burl that are some of the most amazing examples of Ambyona Burl I’ve ever seen. I wish the Kickstarter sets had been colored this nicely.
  • 2 Honduran Rosewood Burl (Shown Back Right)
  • A Single Redwood Lace Burl (Shown Front Right)

Assorted Burl Give AwayNot only are the assorted d20’s simply amazing, The d6’s turned out fantastic as well. Shown above are:

  • Desert Ironwood Burl
  • Ambyona Burl
  • Redwood Lace Burl
  • Honduran Rosewood Burl
  • Myrtle Burl

But what’s even better about the above set, is the fact that our Zac requested we give it away on our Facebook page. So here’s what we’ve decided to do. We post tons of photos of Artisan Dice on our website and our Facebook page on a daily basis, but we rarely see what happens to them after they leave the shop. So in order to win Zac’s dice, you need to show us yours. We want to see your dice collections large and small. Artisan Dice and otherwise. Because we all know, your geek cred is directly proportional to the size of your dice bag.

To enter all you have to do is upload a photo to our Facebook page, or post a link to the photo in the comments below. The winner will be decided on October 31st 2013.

7 reviews for Assorted Burl Dice

  1. john wrenn jr

    here is a pic of my dice set……….yep great right either my dice r invisible or i don’t have any

  2. Klaus

    Do you want pictures only of more unusual dice, or of any dice?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      it’s up to you. show us your favorites.

  3. Klaus

    Here is a picture of my dice bag, as well as of a few other dice:

  4. Dirk

    Here is a photo of my dice goblet:

  5. Mark Sweetman

    It’s up on FB as well, but reposting here:

    Got a little carried away with my recently arrived Dwarvenite 🙂

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