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Some of our Australian fans thought the Land Down Under was a bit underrepresented in our woods list so Alan Sweetman set over a care package stuffed with 4 variates of the really cool Australian Woods you see here. From left to right they are York Gum, which was first discovered by George Bentham in 1867; Shea Oak, which is a rare wood famed for its Tiger Striping and rich coloration; Jarrah Wood Burl, from the extreme South Western portion of Australia; and straight Jarrah Wood.

Since the wood was gifted to us I’m giving away half of the dice we made today in my Birthday Give Away. The other half you can buy right here but there are only 5 available for purchase and I’m not sure when or if we’ll be getting these woods again as none of my suppliers stock them.

3 reviews for Australian Woods Set

  1. Michael McDowell

    These are amazing! I’d love to win a set!

  2. Justin Strickland

    I saw on your Facebook, the Dan Jones dice box, and I’m very interested in buying one (Or two) depending on the dimensions, as I would be looking at Storing decks of magic: the gathering inside. Could you provide me the inner dimensions of as well as pricing if these are available? If they are not for sale yet, I’d like to recommend you produce them with two side by side compartments for either Sleeved card decks or keeping dice sorted.


  3. Justin Strickland

    Sorry, typed that On my phone. Thought it was a general email contact, not a response for the page. Feel free to move elsewhere…

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