Banksia Seed Pods with Turquoise Inlay

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Banksia Poly SquareBanksia Seed Pods are, like all things Australian, murderously endowed. (Seriously, everything in Australia is deadly.) If you were to imagine the typical pine cone, innocuous enough, then add roughly 3 pounds of solid mass to it, you’d have the Australian version, known as the Banksia seed pod, poised at the top of a very lovely tree just awaiting the perfect time to come crashing down at terminal velocity on top of some unsuspecting soul’s soon to be crushed skull.

Alright, so in reality the Banksia tree (B. Grandis) is more of  shrub so you are far more likely to have your toes nibbled off by this voracious Australian carnivore than to die from an Banksia pod inflicted injury.  B. Grandis produces the large pine cone like flower spikes commonly used in wood turning and is only native to the southwestern corner of Western Australia. Though it is grown as an ornamental shrub thanks to its large red and yellow flowers. Its seeds, like many trees in the American West, are shed during the brush fires common there. Once the seeds pop open the holes which Banksia pods are famous for become apparent.



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18 reviews for Banksia Seed Pods with Turquoise Inlay

  1. Richard Hathcock

    Do y’all make d6’s in this color?

    • James

      Idiot. It’s made of wood.

      • Russ

        I’m pretty sure he was referring to the fact that they only offer d20s for sale, idiot.

  2. Joel Robey

    Any possible way to get a full dice set in this setup?

  3. Jace

    Wow that is maybe one of the prettiest dice I’ve seen from you guys.

  4. e

    quoting a friend:
    “These are insanely beautiful. My first thought was, “Wow so pretty” but then my almost instantaneous second thought was, “Wouldn’t the weight distribution be off if the two materials aren’t the same density? That doesn’t work for dice these are only display things! Otherwise these are weighted dice!” Science needs to explain this to me if they expect these to be used. /glares”

    • Ben

      If there are multiple inlays of the Turquoise, then it would keep any individual inlay from off-setting the manner of roll. It would be an even amount of inlay that would keep it from rolling to any particular side(s).

  5. Adam

    I would definitely like to get an entire set like this, but I can imagine the difficulty that would come with making certain ones.

  6. Mary Ann (verified owner)

    Looks like I waited too long. ETA on another batch?

  7. Ebany

    Will buy a set when you guys do another run, they look superb. Who could have thought those scrappy little spider attracting trees could look so good as die.

  8. Heather Micklos

    Please let me know when these are available again!

    • Charlie Brumfield

      ask and you shall receive. we have 3 of them available at the moment.

  9. Ferrah

    I’d love to know when these will be avaliable again myself (since it seems I missed the last 3)! They are too beautiful not to get my hands onto them someday.

  10. mark tran

    will you guys be makkmg anymore of these anytime soon?

  11. Joe

    These are the most gorgeous dice I’ve ever seen! I’d love a full set with a matching box and a couple extra d6’s. You know you wanna custom make them, Charlie! 😛

    • Charlie Brumfield

      these will be made again. just have to get time to do it

  12. Perry

    Please tell me these will be made again, Aussie here and would love to rep some D20s

  13. Jake

    Hi is the full set in stock now?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      we are making them now. they should be shipping end of next week. if you’d like to snag one it will ship at that time.

  14. David Dietz

    Was wondering if ordered now approximately how long would they take to arrive, in USA?

  15. Jon Schroeder (verified owner)

    These are a meandering, menagerie of grain with pools a glittering crushed turquoise. Can only give a 4 -5 because of the ugly duckling D4 lacking any turquoise and very little grain. Otherwise stunning!

  16. Nicholas thompson (verified owner)

    I just got one and I love it, absolutely beautiful just wish it had a bit more turquoise in it.

  17. Kendall Thrapp (verified owner)

    Definitely the prettiest set of dice I’ve ever seen. My d4 through d10s look absolutely stunning, but disappointed that my d12 and d20 don’t have any turquoise inlay.

  18. JiM

    Is there possibility to get 1d20+3 d6? How much?

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