Big Leaf Maple (Dyed Teal)


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Big Leaf Maple grows in the Pacific Northwest. One tree out of hundreds will exhibit exceptional figuration, but most of the stock used for dyed dice will have very little of this complex grain structure.

Artisans carefully imbue these dice with stunning teal pigmentation, then polish it to an impeccable finish so discerning gamers can confidently cast with class.

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3 reviews for Big Leaf Maple (Dyed Teal)

  1. Thom Och

    Hello there,

    I’m looking to get some dice for my girlfriend’s birthday, and your company is perfect for this.

    I picked this wood because it seems to be right up her alley in terms of color.

    Whenever you have time, please let me know what else I should do.

    Thanks! Keep up the awesome work!


  2. Lee

    Do you make a polyhedral set with this material?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      currently we can not make polyhedral dice from this wood as the stock is not available in thick enough sizes.

  3. steve

    darn same exact thing as me.. my girl wanted teal dice and this wood looked perfect haha… i’m gonna keep searching though

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