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black soapstone d20sSoap stone is awesome stuff. It can be worked with typical hand tools. Soap stone is used for everything from countertops and floors to sculptures and fireplaces. Once we get done with it, it makes for seriously cool dice. This round of soap stone dice has been crafted from black architectural grade soap stone. Architectural grade soap stone has a much lower talc content than the artist grade stone we used in the Scotch Rock d20s, and thus makes for a much more durable die. These dice have a dark charcoal coloration that makes for easily read numbers and just like our Scotch Rock dice can be used to keep your favorite whiskeys at sub frosty temperatures.

soapstone scribeIn this run we have a full polyhedral set which comes in  laser cut compartmentalized dice box crafted from figured walnut, along with several d20s and one pen and pencil set which also comes in a walnut box. Yup, that’s right, we made an awesome scribe set out of stone which also comes in a figured walnut box.

The stone gives this set a very nice heft to go along with it’s larger diameter. We also used a much nicer pen mechanism along with a 2mm artist style pencil lead. Why 2mm? Well, during my many years in college studying to be an artist I fell in love with 2mm lead holders as they can hold one of 20 different types of artist grade leads like these. So I was more than ecstatic to find a hardware set that used my favorite leads :). These kinds of pencils are great for sketching and graphite work and we include 2B lead which is a good all around hardness.

black soapstone polyhedral


2 reviews for Black Soap Stone

  1. Ryan

    When do these actually ship?

  2. Clear Sunshine

    I prefer nubian heritage black soap also. Thanks for discussing your thinking, cherished the post!

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