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This is type of maple was planted by early settlers in the prairie lands of the United States as a shade tree. The tree is used for maple syrup production and the plain wood is sometimes used for making crates or furniture. The most sought after pieces have nice pink/reddish lines and sometimes a little blue grey spalting.This stock is taken from the “plain wood”. As you can see the grain structure is anything but plain and it makes some of the most gorgeous dice we have available.


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  1. Nicolle

    I have noticed that you have mentioned that you cannot make a set out of a single variety of Elder Wood due to lack of availability or blanks (something of that sort) … I was wondering if it would be possible to mix 4 different varieties of Elder with other woods in order to create a FULL Set of Dice by combining those 4 elder woods with other varieties of Wood: in an Ideal World: 4 standard 6 sided dice out of Box Elder Wood (plain),4 standard 6 sided dice out of TulipWood 2xD4 of Elder dyed Gold 2xD8 of KingWood 2xD12 of Black and White Ebony 2xD10 of Purple Heart 2xD20 of Elder Dyed Wine AND IN AN IDEAL WORLD: a Ptolemaic Die out of Elder Dyed Violet… This is in an Ideal World if it is faisable. we could discuss wood types or the possibillity of more Elder varieties? I would Greatly appreciate some feedback on this Project. Kindly, Niky

    • Charlie Brumfield

      it has to do with the cross section of the dyed blanks we receive. they are not thick enough to make our polyhedral shapes from.

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