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My personal dice are made from Buckeye Burl. This wood makes for some seriously beautiful dice. California Buckeye is one of seven types of buckeye tree in North America. There are also related trees in Mexico, Asia, South America and India. Buckeye burl is highly prized for the beautiful pattern of burl eyes, swirls and other figure. Spalting of the wood transforms it from the off white color to a mixture of off white with grey blue or purple. Amber and other colors sometimes also occur.

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4 reviews for Buckeye Burl

  1. Robert

    Any chance these might be coming in Polys? They’re downright beautiful.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      it might be. the wood tends t be a bit weak though. s they are difficult to machine

  2. Jason Raper

    I’d also be interested in a full set of polys of this wood, but I would imagine the price will probably be too high because of the difficulty of craftsmanship.

    • Jonathan Judd

      Hello, I will be pledging at the pixie level on the kickstarter. Are there any woods available through the kickstarter that are “Burl” or only available through here?

      • Jonathan Judd

        Sorry for the double post. I forgot to ask. Do the laser engraved D6 dice through the kickstarter look just like the D6 dice here? Using the pips and have the holes actually “drilled” in a sense?

        • Charlie Brumfield

          the laser engrave d6s will have numbers on the just like our poly sets do.

      • Charlie Brumfield

        the pixie level pulls from the druid woods list. anything you see on the website that is not available in the kickstarter will need to be purchased here.

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  4. audigier

    Hi !

    What’s the size of these D6 dice please ?


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