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Burl Maple


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Highly prized for its swirling, flowery grain patterns, Burl Maple seems almost to bloom as the wood is worked. The end product has a deep satiny finish. There’s a reason Taylor uses Burl Maple in their acoustic guitars. It just might have the prettiest finish around.

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4dF, 4d6, 5d6, 6d6, 1d20, 10d10, Full Polyhedral Set

1 review for Burl Maple

  1. is a set of polys available in this wood?

    • Nope, many of the burls cannot survive the shaping process for polys or they simply can’t be found in sizes large enough.

    • david is partially correct in his answer, maple burl is one of the burls that we can make in to dice. i’ll add the cost of a poly set to the site

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