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burl wood collector's set To kick off our live build day, we’ve put together something a ton of folks have been asking for, a collector’s set of various burls. For those of you not sure what a burl is, burls are basically a tree tumor caused by a parasite, fungus, an inclusion of some sort, or the zombie apocalypse, depending on who you listen too.

So, as you can probably guess, burls even though they grow on trees, aren’t that common. Nor are they commercially logged like your typical woods as they are insanely hard to dry properly since burls tend to crack and split as the dry. However, the difficulties in drying and working with these woods yield some of the most stunning pieces of woodcraft in the world.bulwoodcollectorssetboxtop

We’ve put together 12 of the most amazing burls around including Redwood burl, which like the trees they come from are quite massive, and Buckeye Burl, which is stained blue from the fungal infection that caused the burl to form. You’ll also find one of two of the rarest burls on earth, Laotian Black & White Ebony Burl, and Desert Ironwood Burl. There are also burls from as far away as Australia (Coolibah Burl and Mallee Burl) as well as a burl from my own backyard (Texas Mesquite Burl). You’ll find the complete list of burls engraved on the inner lid.

bulwoodcollectorssetinsideoflid There is one burl that’s included with the set, which you won’t find engraved in that list. That burl is Amboyna Burl. Amboyna is by far one of the most stunning burls in the world, making it prized by wood turners for everything from pool cues to pencils. We were lucky enough to find an large Amboyna Burl that had very few defects. The swirling grain in the piece was so insanely beautiful, it felt wrong to cut it up into dice where the true beauty of the piece would not be readily apparent. So instead, we made the Collector’s Boxes from this burl instead. Making these, by far and away the most beautiful dice boxes we’ve ever produced.

We only have 4 of these sets left, as the other 6 have already been spoken for. Also, you’ll want to tune in to our live feed over on our live stream page as we’ll have a video feed set up in the shop for the entire day for ya’ll to follow along on our first Live Build Day.

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  1. Ryan

    I’d love one but price is for sure a factor. How much is the set?

    • Ryan

      Never mind just saw the price pop up. Regrettably, I’m out.

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