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Caranda Polyhedral DiceCaranda is beautiful cool brown with tan iridescent streaks and contrasting black specks. Thanks to its a fine texture and durability, Caranda is often used in hardwood floors. When freshly worked it emits a noticeable aroma much like sandal wood that fades rather quickly. Caranda  stands as the densest, hardest, and strongest of the mesquite species found in the Prosopis genus probably due to it’s slow growth rate in the arid climate of the Gran Chaco region of Brazils. Some pieces can be quite darkly colored and dense, and is has been suggested as an ebony substitute.

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  1. K.

    Hello, I was wondering if there were any other pictures for reference of what the dice made of this wood look like, I’m interested in them as a gift for my father who dms and collects dice, thanks!

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