Cebil Big Ass D20s with Celtic Knot Inlay

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Also know as Patagonian Rosewood, Cebil is fast becoming one of my favorite Rosewoods, even though it is not a true Rosewood. Photos simply do not due this wood justice. The grain is simply outstanding. Cebil readily shines to a natural luster and has a metallic sheen that seems to irritate my camera. Cebil is light in color with vivid blue black stripes and is truly a sight to behold. Seriously considering making my gaming table from this South American wood. It’s primary use seems to be as hardwood flooring.


These particular dice were made from stock that includes vivid striping and iridescent figure. Each face has been inlaid with brass in our celtic knot work pattern. There are only 4 Big Ass d20’s in this run. Our standard d20s measure 3/4″ across and Big Ass generators of randomness measure a full 1 ½” face to face or roughly the perfect size to fit in a minion’s palm.

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Big Ass d20, Standard d20

1 review for Cebil Big Ass D20s with Celtic Knot Inlay

  1. Jon (verified owner)

    Very cool. Great detail.

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