The Chubby


The ChubbyThe Chubby is a convertible pen/pencil out fitted with a massive 5.6mm pencil lead and a smooth writing Schmidt 635 mini pen insert. It also comes with an integral lead sharpener hidden under the screw off end cap.  Both of the first run Chubbys are made from in 22k gold plated hardware, one was the crafted from Desert Ironwood, and the other from Caranda w/ Celtic knot inlay done in  Black and White Loatian Ebony Burl.

As with all of our pens The Chubby is polished in excess of 2000 grit, then buffed to a mirror finish with shellac and carnuba waxes.


2 reviews for The Chubby

  1. Pirate Jarnes

    How does the pen part work?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      you insert it in place of the lead

      • Pirate

        Would the sharpener hurt the pen if you put the cap on it?

        • Charlie Brumfield

          nope. the endcap is on the back of the chubby, there is not true cap for the tip. the lead or the pen insert just slide back in to the body of the chubby.

          • Pirate Jarnes

            Ah yes, thanks. I think the desert ironwood came out exceptionally beautiful.

  2. Skunkie

    Super excited! I was able to snag the Desert Ironwood Chubby for my sister-in-law’s birthday! She’ll freak when she gets this. Being an artist, I know she’ll put it to great use.

    And we were just talking about lead sharpeners and whether or not her current one could do 5.6mm lead. Turns out she doesn’t have to worry!


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