Corona Face Shield

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PETG Face Shields for Medical and Essential Personnel. Our Corona Face Shields, are designed to meet standards for medical use, but tough enough for grinder duty. They are reusable, and compatible with every method of sterilization we can find.***


*** Please note you will need to sterilize these before use.

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It feels damned good to make a difference. We’ve been inundated with folks helping to make Operation Corona a huge success. As such we’re going to be able to donate a ton more Corona Face Shields than the original 1000 we had planned. We’re looking at nearly doubling that number already and it’s growing everyday! We can’t convey how awesome it is to be able to do our part to help, and there’s no way we could make Operation Corona near the success it has become without y’all’s help. I can’t tell y’all just how happy you’re making the folks that are getting these shields.

That said, we’ve had a hundreds of EMTs, Nurses, Doctors, and many more front line personnel, that have asked to purchase a face shield individually. We’ve heard y’all’s request. You can now order one of our super swanky Corona Face Shields and have it shipped anywhere you’d like. We know y’all can’t find them right now so we’re kicking production in to high gear so yall can get these in your hands as soon as possible.

1 review for Corona Face Shield

  1. Daniel Boice (verified owner)

    This is Great! Worth every penny since my wife works with the elderly and those with Alzheimer’s.

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