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Once classified as an ebony, African Blackwood is now considered to be a Rosewood, however unlike the rest of the Rosewoods, African Blackwood smells terrible when it is being worked. It has a nearly non existent grain that is occasionally stripped with creamy white. It’s primary use is in musical instruments and fine furniture. Though recently a Russian cellphone maker launched a line of luxury cell phones that have a case made entirely of African Blackwood. This is not a wood that we normally carry on Artisan Dice, however since it came in the variety pack we’ve got enough to make 2 sets of dice. These will likely be the only two sets we make for the foreseeable future so enjoy them, you’ll probably never run in to some one else with a set. The bottom set is a prime example of the cream white streaks that may appear in African Blackwood and is quite beautiful. The top set is pure black and will make a sinister set of dice. Both sets will polish to a very high luster due to the nature of African Blackwood and will be a stunning set to add to anyone’s dice collection.

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2 reviews for Cyber Monday African Blackwood

  1. If these ever become available again I want to be informed. I would order two complete sets.

  2. Is this the mpingo available from your kickstarter?

    • yes. this was posted before we found the african blackwood project

    • so yes and no. not sure on the origin of that wood. all the mpingo we use now comes from sustainable sources (plantation harvested lumber).

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