Cyber Monday Chakte Viga Polyhedrals



Chakte Viga is a tropical wood that is sought for the unrivaled orange color tone that the heartwood is renowned for. Ranging in shades from light yellow/orange to a deep burnt orange with hints of red, Chakte Viga’s color will deepen with age and exposure.


Chakte Viga has a buttery smooth texture when worked and is walued by jewelers for inlays since it can be shaped to fine detail and buffed to a glass like  polish. Very fine texture with a closed grain, it sometimes displays an interlocked grain that creates figuring.

Chakte Viage is also a close relative to the more-famous Brazilwood (used for violin bows), Chakte Viga shares many of the same excellent acoustic properties. It’s also know as Paela or Aripin and is native to Mexico and Central America. With a proper finish this wood takes on an amazing iridescence and shimmer.


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