Cyber Monday Lignum Viate

Cyber Monday Lignum Viate

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Lignum Viate, or the Tree of Life, is an Iron Wood, that has a myriad of uses. From being one of the best self lubricating bearings for went environments, to medicinal tea, this wood is a highly valued resource. It’s also the heaviest wood in the world. It was used as the main prop shaft bearing on the world’s first nuclear powered submarine. When fresh cut lignum viate has a tan coloration. As it ages it will turn a vivid green. This typically takes from a few days to a several weeks. Since Lignumn Viate takes a bit of time to machine I’ve included two sets of dice for demonstration¬†purposes. The green powder is the saw dust that has already developed it’s patina. I’ll be dropping these blanks in the CNC machine after we wrap up Cyber Monday later tonight.


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