Cyber Monday Madagascar Ebony

Cyber Monday Madagascar Ebony

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Well I originally though this was Gabon Ebony. After cutting the dice blanks, it’s quite clear from the grain pattern that these are Madagascar Ebony, which is listed as an at-risk species, not something I would typically offer for sale unless I could prove it’s origin was pre CITES. My one set of pre CITES Madagascar Ebony dice cost $250. Since since I can’t prove pre CITES origin these dice will be priced significantly lower than the already low Cyber Monday special. Though Madagascar Ebony is not yet illegal to import, I try to stay away from woods with questionable logging practices, so don’t expect to see this wood again any time soon, as I do not have a steady supply of CITES lumber.

Madagascar Ebony is a true ebony with a wonderful interlocking grain pattern that has brown and red striations interspersed with the deep blacks ebony is known for. It us common used as fret boards on high-end guitars, and for small fine wood turnings, along with inlays and cabinetry. It is an absolutely beautiful wood when polished and makes for a set of dice with a nice heft to them thanks to the woods natural density.

Please note that all of our polyhedral sets come with 4d6’s. They are cut from the ends of the blank when we shape and polish the polyhedral dice.

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