Cyber Monday Orange Agate

Cyber Monday Orange Agate

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Truth be told the only thing I know about this wood is that it comes from Peru, and it is the color of fire, which makes my inner pyro all giddy inside. These roughs are a  tad hairy but like some of the other woods this will all polish away during the final shaping process, in which they will take on a nice Padauk like finish. We have three sets of orange agate dice roughs ready to go. The top set is the lightest in color, the middle set the darkest and the bottom set is somewhere in between. So choose your set below, and let the bonus rounds begin.

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2 reviews for Cyber Monday Orange Agate

  1. Ex-QUISITE! I love the work you are doing. I couldn’t possibly pick between them, they are also so lovely.

  2. thanks andy

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