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So I went Black Friday shopping for the first time in my life to buy this for the making of boxes since it was 25% off which is a substantial chunk of change since it costs $1300 typically. The good news is I survived. The even better news is while I was at my local wood shop *crack dealer* I landed a smoking deal on a grab bag box of various exotic woods. Some of them exceedingly rare or expensive. (Gabon Ebony, African Black Wood and Pink Ivory are all typically insanely expensive in this size blank.) So that gave me the idea to do something fun with them. I have enough wood to make 20 sets of polyhedral dice. So that’s what I’m going to do. And yall can get them cheap, but only for the next 24 hours. Why? Because today is Cyber Monday!!! Yea for American consumerism. (For our international friends Black Friday is the phenomenon in which millions of Americans camp out in the cold to be the first in to their favorite stores to buy things they don’t need at stupid cheap prices. Cyber Monday is supposed to be the internet version of that same phenomenon, only without the murdermaiming, or frigid November temperatures.)

These are the wooden blanks that were in the grab bag box. Starting with the left column, we have Tambotie, Chakte Viga, Gabon Ebony, Olive Wood, and East Indian Rose Wood. In the right column we have Lignum Viate, African Black Wood, Red Heart, Cocobolo, and Pink Ivory. The above blanks have been rough sanded to remove most of the protective wax coating on the top side. Any off colors you see are due to left over wax and will not be in the finished dice.

Throughout the course of today I will be running these though the CNC machine and posting the resulting rough polyhedral shapes for you to view. As I post them they will come available for sale far cheaper than they would normally be available for. There will only be two sets of dice from each type of wood. The dice will not be finished for 2 – 3 weeks as I am currently finishing up the Kickstarter and Holiday Dice orders, and will not have time to get to the hand crafting part until then, so I can not guarantee them in time for the Holidays. The first set of dice goes in the CNC machine at 9am. As the sets come off the CNC machine I will post more info about each type of wood and pictures of the rough dice sets as well as they normal price and the sale price for today only. Hopefully this will be a lot of fun for everyone involved so spread the word and stay tuned on facebook for periodic updates throughout the day.


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