Let’s be honest, for most of us 2020 was a dumpster fire of epic proportions. So we thought we’d kick off the 12 Days of Dicemas with an homage to the worst year in living memory with the D2020. This special dice has 20 of the absolute craziest things from 2020. Perfect for rolling epic tier random encounters with which to torment your payers. Emblazoned on each face you find such favorites as Meth Gators, Australian Brush Fires, Sharknadoes, and the Chinese Duck Army. Of course we can’t forget everyone’s favorite, Murder Hornets.

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D2020 In BoxThese dice are massive. Coming in at 8 times the volume and weight of our standard sized ¾” d20s and measuring a full 1½” face to face (roughly the perfect size to fit in a minion’s palm), they are guaranteed to make your players cower in fear, or your DM green with envy.

Our Big Ass d20s are crafted from solid billets of exotic woods and at this scale the grain and figure of these exotic woods is showcased in a manner that just isn’t possible at our standard ¾” scale.

You’ll be able to torment your players rolling these gigantic dice engraved with the world most hated font, Comic Sans, to generate such epic random encounters as:

  • The Tiger King
  • Chinese Duck Army
  • $1200
  • Pentagon UFOs
  • Bats
  • The Rona
  • Elections
  • WW III
  • Australian Bushfires
  • Sharknado
  • That Bitch Carole Baskins
  • Meth Gators
  • Murder Hornets
  • Radioactive Cannibal Ants
  • Brexit
  • Toilet Paper
  • Puerto Rico Earthquakes
  • Sahara Mummy Dust
  • Space X Starman
  • Beruit Explosion

To protect your memento from the year of the bat plague, each D2020 now comes nestled in its own Stamped Steel Tin lined with foam and Baltic Birch. You’ll also find a certificate that bears the name of the wood from which your die was crafted.

We’ve made 20 of these ultra limited D2020s just for lulz. We do not have any plans to make more of these dice. However for the rest of the 12 Days of Dicemas we’ll be releasing a new limited run of ultra epic dice every day at 6pm CST.


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