Dyed Buckeye Burl D20s

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dyed buckeye burl d20sBuckeye Burl is one of the gnarliest-looking domestic woods to be found. The only bad thing is that it is exceedingly lightweight. We’ve been working on a way to add a bit of heft to this particular wood for awhile now, and the best way we’ve found is to stabilize it with an acrylic resin under vacuum. This pulls all of the air out of the wood and fills the voids with acrylic. If that acrylic is carrying a pigment when it gets forced into the pores of the wood, then the results are visually spectacular.

This test run consists of 20d20s in 4 different colors of stabilized Buckeye Burl:

Buckeye Burl d20s Dyed Teal

Buckeye Burl d20s Dyed Teal

Buckeye Burl d20s Dyed Violet

Buckeye Burl d20s Dyed Violet

Buckeye Burl d20s Dyed Green

Buckeye Burl d20s Dyed Green

Buckeye Burl d20s Dyed Red

Buckeye Burl d20s Dyed Red


Note: Prices below are for a single d20 in one of the above colors. We have 5 of each color available.

11 reviews for Dyed Buckeye Burl D20s

  1. Joshua

    Is the price for the $32 for 1D20 or for multiple?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      single d20

  2. Daniel

    Will you be making the sets?
    d4, d6, d8,d10,d%,d12,d20?

  3. Necrolepsey

    So yeah, I need that teal. It’s too pretty to pass up.

  4. Phoatu

    This is the first of your wooden sets that I’d see myself buying.

    Going off the price of each individual D20 it seems like they’d be reasonably priced.

    The allure of added gloss weight and durability is something that will make it stand apart from your other wooden dice.

    I’m dropping money as soon as you guys release these as full poly sets.

    Please tell me you will, soon! (and in green!)

    • David

      I am so disappointed I missed out. I hope I catch any notice about these again, I agree with Phoatu a full set of Green would be so pretty.

  5. Eloquin

    Yup I’ll need a full set of these in red when they are available. 🙂 Still excited and anxious for my dragons breath bronze set to arrive.

  6. Will

    When will these be shipped out? I bought one green and one teal.

    • Will

      I got mine a couple of days ago, very nice!

  7. jordan

    Got my red one in — it’s the bottom left in the picture of the 5 red dice. So cool to be able to match up the grain of the wood and see your exact die on the page!

    • Klaus Kristiansen

      I think mine is the topmost one in the teal picture.

  8. Brit

    Hope to see more of these soon. Would love to buy a teal D20 for a friend.

  9. Paul Meerscheidt

    In for a red set.

  10. Mysterysock

    The second a 10 poly set of green comes I’m all over it.

  11. Sandy

    It’s good to get a fresh way of lokonig at it.

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