Ear Saver 3000

Wearing face masks all day got your ears irritated and angry? Well never fear Ear Saver 3000 is here!

Saving Ears

We’ve received dozens and dozens of requests for these from Nurses, EMTs, Doctors, and other Essential Workers spending their days masked up for 12 to 14 hours at a go. Their elastic mask attachment bands are causing major ear irritation. Enter the Ear Saver 3000.

Cut on a curve in order to better conform to the shape of the human head for maximum comfort during extended periods of wear, the Ear Saver 3000 is designed to anchor a mask to the users face quickly, securely, and comfortably.  The 4 different sets of rounded attachment points ensure lightening quick and painlessly easy face mask attachment and a  guaranteed fit for any head size from large to small. While the PETG construction ensures easy sanitation. 

If you have a loved one wearing masks day in and day out they’ll thank you for snagging them one of these ear saving technological marvels.  Order 5 or more and you’ll score a $1 discount on each Ear Saver 3000 you order. ***

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Ear Saver 3000

The Ear Saver 3000 prevents ear irritation from extended face mask use. 


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