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Another Native Texas wood! I love Aromatic Cedar. It’s really pretty with red and purple tone intermixed with creamy yellows. It cuts like a dream and it smells heavenly. This is the cedar they use to make cedar chests. Although Eastern Aromatic Cedar is included in the cypress family (Cupressaceae) which includes many species of cedar, it’s thorized to be  more closely related in junipers in the genus Juniperus

Over the years people have claimed that aromatic cedar repels insects and knats, this why it’s often seen for use in closets, footlockers, and other such storages. This huge tree grow to be up to 35 feet tall with 10 – 12 inch brances.

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4 reviews for Eastern Aromatic Cedar

  1. Daniel Youngblood

    Im looking for a new set of die, mine are hating on me, didnt roll over a ten when it mattered last campaign. Send me a quote for a set of die made of this material. Please and Thank you.

  2. Michael

    When will this wood become available to the public? What’s the price range?

    • davidmcleod

      Not sure on the prices just yet, it will be added with about 100 other species of wood in the next couple of months.

      -David M.

      • Michael

        Why is the “5 Standard 6 Sided Dice” (7.4 dollar per dice) more expensive than “4 Standard 6 Sided Dice” (7.25 dollar per dice)? Shouldn’t the pricing goes down as the number of dice increase?

        • davidmcleod

          It’s approximately the same with some rounding. Since all of our dice are handmade instead of being mass produced it doesn’t really save us money when more of something is ordered.

    • Michael

      How long will it take to process and ship an order place these days? I will be out of the country in the future; therefore, the order must arrive before or after my trip.

      • Charlie Brumfield

        since we’re finally caught up with our back orders *does happy dance*, it will be about 2 weeks.

  3. Roy rowan

    Does the 4standard come with a box of the same wood or at all

    • davidmcleod

      All of our dice come in a friction fit red oak box.

      -David M.

      • Krista Wagner

        Do all dice still come in the friction fit red oak box, or is it now an Eastern Aromatic Cedar as suggested in the English Walnut Note?… I am just curious what box I will receive if I order these dice. I would prefer one that matches. Is it more for a matching box?

  4. Sommer

    Is it possible to get a collection of D6’s that are about half of the standard size? And if so, how much would it cost for around 40 or so of them?

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