Eastern Aromatic Cedar Polyhedral Dice

Eastern Aromatic Cedar


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Eastern Aromatic Cedar Polyhedral DiceAnother Native Texas wood! I love Aromatic Cedar. It’s really pretty with red and purple tone intermixed with creamy yellows. It cuts like a dream and it smells heavenly. This is the cedar they use to make cedar chests.

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4 reviews for Eastern Aromatic Cedar

  1. Im looking for a new set of die, mine are hating on me, didnt roll over a ten when it mattered last campaign. Send me a quote for a set of die made of this material. Please and Thank you.

  2. When will this wood become available to the public? What’s the price range?

    • Not sure on the prices just yet, it will be added with about 100 other species of wood in the next couple of months.

      -David M.

      • Why is the “5 Standard 6 Sided Dice” (7.4 dollar per dice) more expensive than “4 Standard 6 Sided Dice” (7.25 dollar per dice)? Shouldn’t the pricing goes down as the number of dice increase?

        • It’s approximately the same with some rounding. Since all of our dice are handmade instead of being mass produced it doesn’t really save us money when more of something is ordered.

    • How long will it take to process and ship an order place these days? I will be out of the country in the future; therefore, the order must arrive before or after my trip.

      • since we’re finally caught up with our back orders *does happy dance*, it will be about 2 weeks.

  3. Does the 4standard come with a box of the same wood or at all

    • All of our dice come in a friction fit red oak box.

      -David M.

      • Do all dice still come in the friction fit red oak box, or is it now an Eastern Aromatic Cedar as suggested in the English Walnut Note?… I am just curious what box I will receive if I order these dice. I would prefer one that matches. Is it more for a matching box?

  4. Is it possible to get a collection of D6’s that are about half of the standard size? And if so, how much would it cost for around 40 or so of them?

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