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Elegance de Magnética Fountain PensSimple Elegance, would be the best way to describe these fountain pens. With no overt embellishments, these pens have an understated beauty that compliments, rather than competes, with the Mother Nature’s work. Once again we have chosen some of Mother Nature’s finest work to use in this run. From right to left we have, American Holly, English Walnut with Turquoise Inlay, Snakewood and Mpino, Blue Mahoe, an unknown ebony, and a gator jawbone cast in Bayou Blue Resin.

EDM Fountain Pen English Walnut and Turquoise 2The Elegance de Magnética line of fountain pens feature a magnetic postable cap, a German Iridium nib with a refillable ink well, and finely crafted metal hardware that gives the pen a nice heft in the hand. These fountain pens were hand turned and polished in excess of 2000 grit, then buffed with natural Shellac and Carnuba waxes, for a hard durable finish that leaves the sensual feel of the highly polished of the highly polished hardwoods completely intact. The Gator Jawbone on the other hand is polished in excess of 3000 grit then buffed with progressively finer polishing compounds until a lacquer like surface is achieved.

If you have never written with a finely crafted fountain pen, it is an experience that no ball point pen can reproduce. The silky smooth scritch scritch of the nib on paper combine with the heft and sensual feel of polished hardwood to make writing a wholly enjoyable experience.  Whether you’re crafting an epic back story for your newest NPC, or jotting notes in the margins of your character sheet, an Elegance de Magnética Fountain Pen is the perfect writing instrument for the discerning gamer.

Note: I do apologies for the poor quality of these photos. I had to shoot them on my wife’s cell phone as Chewie (my 1.5 year old son) spiked my cell phone/camera on the concrete over the weekend. Chewie is fine, my camera not so much…

EDM Fountain Pen Unknown Ebony

Unknown Ebony with Chrome hardware. This ebony was a gift from one of my fellow wood workers in the local wood turning guild. I am unsure of the particular species but it is some sort of Diospyros Spp (a true ebony). There is a small pinkish sap wood stripe highlighting the pocket clip, but for the most part this pen is uniformly dark. As I am not sure on the exact species of ebony and the material was a gift, this pen has been discounted.

EDM Fountain Pen Snakewood and Mpingo

This pen features Gun Metal hardware with a Snakewood body and a Mpingo cap. The cap has an accent band of Snakewood inlayed under the pocket clip. Both of these woods polish to an absolutely glassy finish.

EDM Fountain Pen in Bayou Blue Gator Jaw

Gator Jawbone cast in Bayou Blue resin with Chrome hardware. The blue holes you see are the resin filling in the teeth holes in the jaw bone. You can expect to see dice made from gator jawbone shortly as I’m in the process of getting the manufacture (who turns out to live 5 miles from my house) to make this in the larger blank size we need for dice. The gator jawbones come from farm raised gators, who much like carnivorous cows are raised for meat and leather. Gator tail is some wonderfully tasty stuff. Just in case you were wondering, yes this stuff smells just about as horrid as Water Buffalo Horn does when we work it. Though it does have a completely different flavor of horrid. At the rate in which we discover fantastically nasty smells, the minions are going to become connoisseurs of utterly horrid odors.

EDM Fountain Pen English Walnut and Turquoise

English Walnut with Turquoise inlay and Gun Metal hardware. The cap has a bit of gnarly burl to it and several bark inclusions were filled with Turquoise. This pen has the all the shimmer and dance of finely polished exhibition grade English Walnut.

EDM Fountain Pen Blue Mahoe

Blue Mahoe with Chrome Hardware. Blue Mahoe is one of my favorite woods to work. Definitely in my top 10 favorites.

EDM Fountain Pen American Holly

American Holly with Gun Metal hardware. The satin white of American Holly, along with a nearly indiscernible grain, make a great contrast to the mirror finish of the Gun Metal hardware.

3 reviews for Elegance de Magnética

  1. Todd

    How do I order the Walnut pen with Turquoise inlay?

  2. kyle Frazier

    hi i really like these pens they are really nice but im not sure how much they are and how to get them i would like to buy one but im not sure about the price. i want to buy one so i can get in to caligraphy

  3. Mello

    Hi, I’m wondering if these pens are still for sale and for how much. The quality looks insane, and I’m a sucker for holly.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      hi mello,

      just sent you an email regarding these pens.


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