Elegance de Magnética


elegance de magnetica buffalo horn and american holly nib viewSimple Elegance, would be the best way to describe these fountain pens. With no overt embellishments, these pens have an understated beauty that compliments, rather than competes, with the Mother Nature’s work.

The materials used here are phenomenal examples of natural beauty. Amercian Holly being the purest of the white woods, maintains a wonderful satin luster even when highly polished. By contrast Water Buffalo Horn is a rich piano black that takes on deep lustrous shine once polished.

The Elegance de Magnética line of fountain pens feature a magnetic postable cap, a German Iridium nib with a refillable ink well, and finely crafted metal hardware that gives the pen a nice heft in the hand. These fountain pens were hand turned and polished in excess of 2000 grit, then buffed with natural Shellac and Carnuba waxes, for a hard durable finish that leaves the sensual feel of the highly polished American Holly completely intact.elegance de magnetica buffalo horn and american holly Water Buffalo Horn on the other hand is polished in excess of 3000 grit then buffed with progressively finer polishing compounds until lacquer like surface is achieved.

If you have never written with a finely crafted fountain pen, it is an experience that no ball point pen can reproduce. The silky smooth scritch scritch of the nib on paper combine with the heft and sensual feel of polished hardwood to make writing a wholly enjoyable experience.  Whether you’re crafting an epic back story for your newest NPC, or jotting notes in the margins of your character sheet, an Elegance de Magnética Fountain Pen is the perfect writing instrument for the discerning gamer.



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