The Fat Bastard


fat bastards in a rowThe Fat Bastard is one properly girthy pen. It features a threaded postable cap and a spring loaded ceramic tipped roller ball by Schmidt. The spring provides a nice give in the tip making for a superb writing experience. The Fountain Pen version features a German Iridium Point nib that has been plated in 14K gold and comes with both a refillable ink well and replaceable cartridge. As with our other pens The Fat Bastard is polished in excess of 2000 grit and the buffed using shellac and carnuba waxes showing off the true beauty of the wood.

fat bastard blue mahoe in boxHow big is the Fat Bastard? A pen this massive has the girthiest of dimensions. At ~6″ in length and ~3/4″ diameter the Fat Bastard is one of the thickest pen we make. It’s 2.5 times the diameter of the Scribe, our smallest pen. Each Fat Bastard comes in a laser cut walnut box padded with a black high density foam.

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Fat Bastard Fountain Pen in Lignum Vitae with Gold Hardware

Fat Bastard Fountain Pen in Lignum Vitae with Gold Hardware

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  1. miles

    Are the Fat Bastard pens refillable, and if so, what type of cartridge do they use?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yup they are. the roller balls use a standard schmidt cartridge available at any office supply store, the fountain pens use either the refillable ink well, or a standard cartridge available at any office supply store

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