First Run Alabaster d20s


alabaster d20sAlabaster is a stone that has been used for centuries to create finely crafted sculptures. Alabaster’s first use was as a gem stone in ancient Egypt and it derives it’s name from the Egyptian word a-labaste, meaning a vessel of Bast. Bast is an Egyptian god often depicted as a lioness in Alabaster figurines.

pink-and-purple-bloom-alabaster-rose-sculpture-17hx9wx8d-3[1]Alabaster is still used today in modern works of art like this Alabaster Rose carved by Susan Zalkind.  This is due in part to polished Alabaster’s soft luster, the myriad of colors it can be found in, and the ease with which it is worked.

In this first run of Alabaster dice I used two different colors. A neutral gray Alabaster and a ivory colored warm toned Alabaster so you’ll be able to choose which color you’d like below. Unlike last weekend’s soap stone project, the engraving on these Alabaster dice is readily visible.

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  1. James

    Hey Charlie,

    How are these dice as compared to the soap stone dice? Will they hold up better than soap stone, or are they also on the soft side?

  2. Jragon

    Also can we have an example of the “Neutral Gray” and “Warm Ivory” so we know what we are getting?

    • Pirate Jarnes

      They are the two colors in the photo.

  3. Trevor

    Just ordered a neutral grey one, and am curious: how are these shipping? Envelope with padding, or do they get a dice box of some kind?

    • sarzec

      single dice will wrapped in newspaper in a bubble envelope.

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