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2-carbon-fiber-stormtrooper-helmet The classic hi-tech material, Carbon Fiber has been used in everything from modern fighter jets, to Formula 1 race cars and Storm Trooper Suits (pretty sure it makes a better armor than  that blaster magnetic called plastoid) Carbon Fiber was originally created in the late 1800’s by Thomas Edison for use in his newfangled incandescent light bulbs. Edison baked cotton and bamboo fibers at high heat in an oven with a controlled atmosphere devoid of oxygen using a process called pyrolysis.


How-is-it-made-pageThese days carbon fiber is manufactured using a smiliar process, but instead of using cotton or bamboo as the starting material (also called the precursor) a blend of Rayon and polyacrylonitrile is used. By heating the precursor in an atmosphere devoid of oxygen, it does not burn. Instead the precursor starts a jammin’ Caribbean beat until and all of its molecules form one crazy conga and begin to dance and shake. They party all night long until every atom has passed out and fell off the conga line, accept for those Carbon atoms. They’re party animals. Carbon keeps the party rocking until somewhere around 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit. When it cools, you get a crazy strong fiber made from what is now basically pure carbon fiber. Who knew conga lines could science?

In most cases those carbon fibers are then woven in to a fabric and and hand laid in to a mold using a process very similar to laying fiber glass, only there’s a vacuum and a rather large oven at the end that is used to cure the resin impregnated fabric. The end result is a super hard shell like our friendly looking Storm Trooper helmet pictured above. The down side to all this awesome is that it’s insanely expensive. As to exactly why that is, check out this article on gizmodo.

In our case, a carbon fabric would not work as we are looking for a solid dice, not just a shell. That means we had to find a carbon fiber manufacturing process that produces a solid part. That process is called Filament Winding.  In most cases carbon fiber threads are would around a mandrel and then cured in an oven to make a light weight, but hollow tube. Much like the process shown in this video. But as I’m sure you are well aware of, hollow tubes can’t be machined in to dice. Fear not my friends, for through some magical wizardry I don’t even pretend to comprehend, a very small number of manufactures, (in fact as far as I can tell, that number is one) have done away with the mandrel all together and are able to produce very thick solid filament wound carbon fiber rods in excess of one inch.  We use these solid rods to machine our dice, you can see that process in the video below.
What you can’t tell from the video is that 3 dice later I was changing the end mill out. Turns out carbon fiber is stupid amounts of abrasive and it loves to eat tungsten carbide like a fat kid loves cake. Once machined the dice are sanded to 1200 grit on each face then polished on our buffing wheels to a smooth finish. The carbon fiber is left bare and then laser engraved.

Carbon Fiber D20s

As far as I am aware of, these are the first carbon fiber dice in the world. And as with all of our Alchemist Dice sets, they come in a compartmentalized cast acrylic box. However with carbon fiber, even our single dice come in a cast acrylic box.  These 11 d20 come engraved with 1st run in place of the #1 side on the die. If you are looking for a whole set of carbon fiber awesome to add to your dice bag, or if we’ve sold out of the first run d20 by the time you finished reading this article you can order carbon fiber dice on their page in our Alchemist Dice section.

3 reviews for First Run Carbon Fiber Dice

  1. Pirate Jarnes

    I know they’re pricy, but I’m shocked these haven’t sold out in a hurry. I know I jumped at the 1st-i-ness of these world’s first carbon fiber dice. And how cool is the solo-d20 acrylic box!

  2. Rowan

    Beautiful dice. I’ve never seen anything like this. Thanks for the interesting videos on youtube.

  3. Vanessa

    Dance my puppets, dance!I’ve not seen Snow White & the Huntsman, but oddly enugoh do have a minorly amusing story about it. When it was first announced, one of the local theaters had a 7 foot tall, three-sided display/advertisement for the movie in the concessions area. While waiting for a friend to get their snacks, I noticed somebody had drawn a pencil thin mustache and goatee onto on the Charlize Theron/Evil Queen.Tony: Where was Sleep Walk With Me playing? I’ve been kind of interested in it, but hadn’t noticed it hitting anywhere local.Arrow: I think you nailed that one Tony, on the arrow head. Producer: Congrats on the 5K!Joining a gym and getting up earlier just to go to it? Who are you and what have you done with Tony?Wow, I’ll also be checking out Netflix to add some movies to my queue.Dent: I’ll bet it was Ezzie who snuck in and dented your computer when you weren’t looking as payback for all the times you bad-mouthed her on the podcast. Side note: will you be naming the dent in your computer Arthur?Dune reference FTW! is Tony’s goto XKCD; mine would be .

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