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christmas yo-yosSo a bunch of folks saw the post over on Facebook about the yo-yos I made as Christmas presents for all the kids in my family. We got a TON of emails asking to order yo-yos. While we’re not quite ready to take orders for them I do have 8 extras since my wife vetoed giving yo-yos to any kid under 5. Something about strings a choking hazards. 

These were all turned by me and since it was a learing process, each one is slightly different in shape and how the yo-yo functions. Each yo-yo has a solid steel axle with NO ball bearings, as these were designed to be easy for kids to learn how to throw.

#1: Ziricote w/ Turquois inlay – this one is fairly light weight thanks to the butterfly shape

#2: Macadiama Nut – standard yo-yo shape. the meduliar rays in the wood really stand out in this turning as it was cut from the end grain.

#3: Argentinean Lignum Vitae – another butterfly shape yo-yo. this one is heavier than the ziricote as lignum vitae is one of the worlds heaviest woods. This yo-yo will turn a rich green color over the next few weeks.

#4: King Wood – its obvious to see why this wood was favored by King Louis the Fourteenth. It’s violet tones and killer chaytoance really stand out when turned compared to what can been seen in our dice. This yo-yo is standard shape.

#5: Palea Burl – hot damn this stuff looks pretty. Since Palea is just a fancy name for Chakte Viga Burl, this standard shaped yo-yo has Ckakte Viga’s bright orange coloration, and also has the wild grain and figure of a burl. *note this yoyo sleeps exceedingly well for a solid axle yo-yo so it can be difficult to get it to return to your hand if you’re just learing.

#6: Guaiacum Lignum Vitae – this is one HEAVY yo-yo. This yo-yo has a super solid feel to it. The oils in Guaiacum LV are more apparent and give the yo-yo a silky feel in your hands. As this yo-yo ages it will become a deep olive color.

#7: Rengas Tiger Wood –  SOOO PRETTY!!! The bright metallic oranges are unlike anything found in other woods. Unfortunately this one is a shelf queen. While it may have killer looks, it wobbles like none other. The yo-yo spins true on the late, but there appears to be a defect in the wood that makes the yo-yo oscillate horrible when you throw it. It’s just too pretty to throw away, so here’s hoping it finds a good home. This yo-yo has bit wider groove than a standard shape, but not nearly so wide as a butter fly.

#8: Wenge – This yo-yo has just about the perfect weight and killer black on brown striping. It sleeps well and returns easily. Probably the best playing one out of the bunch.

#9: Honduran Rosewood Burl – Yup I made a yo-yo out of this amazing wood! Well two actually, but the other one is siting in my pocket. I intended to make just the one for me, but some how ended up cutting enough material for two. The solid weight of the Honduran Rosewood, and the insane burl patterns make this best looking yo-yo out of the first run :).

So there’s all 8 yo-yos, we’re not counting the Rengas Tiger Wood as it’s not really a functioning yo-yo. Each of these yo-yos comes in a limited edition First Run Figured Black Walnut box and if ordered before Saturday @ 12pm CST the should arrive just in time for Christmas to any domestic address.

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  1. James W Masters

    What do you want for the rengas tiger you don’t have it listed.

    • Jono

      It was there. I guess that means it’s been purchased.

      • James W Masters

        Ok thank you

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yup. if you don’t see it, someone else beat you to the punch.

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