Gator Jawbone Dice – First Run

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These aren't he dice you are looking for

These aren’t the dice you are looking for. This post is OLD and has been kept for archival purposes only. You’ll find our Gator Jawbone Dice with the rest of our Necromancer’s Dice line here.

This year we rolled out something special for GenCon, something we’ve been asked to make since the very first day Artisan Dice existed. It’s the 2nd most commonly asked for item on our customer’s wish lists. Bone Dice.

For those that aren’t aware, bone makes for horrible dice, is porous, oddly shaped, prone to chipping, and the larger pieces we need to make dice from are hollow spongy in the middle thanks to that wonderful thing called marrow. So for the longest time our standard answer was, “Nope sorry, we don’t make bone dice.”

As it would turn out all those issues are solved once you stabilize the bone and cast it in an acrylic resin. The colored holes you see are the resin filling in the teeth holes in the gator jaw bone. The gator jawbones come from the largest of farm raised gators as it takes an 8ft gator to have a large enough jawbone to make dice from. Much like carnivorous cows, these gators are raised for meat and leather. (Gator tail is some wonderfully tasty stuff, just fry it and serve it up with a side of remoulade.)

alligator jawbone dice in bamboo green

Bamboo Green

alligator jawbone dice in blue orchid

Blue Orchid

alligator jawbone dice in louisiana iris

Louisiana Iris

alligator jawbone dice in bourbon street

Bourbon Street

alligator jawbone dice in black magic

Black Magic

alligator jawbone dice in red snapper

Red Snapper

alligator jawbone d20s

We also have a handfull of d20’s from this first run as well.

11 reviews for Gator Jawbone Dice – First Run

  1. Irishmin

    So I can roll them all day and they will be fine? Right?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yup all of our dice come with a lifetime warrenty

  2. Michael Carlton-Jones

    Charlie Brumfield, whose Lifetime? Me, or my most recent character

  3. Brian Cobb

    I’d like to start by saying to Michael: “OH SNAP!”

    And now for the question; when will individual D20’s be available, and particularly, in your Bourbon Street variety?

  4. Cheryl Wilkinson

    I have a friend who was asking for these for his birthday, so I was wondering on pricing and when you would be getting some more in stock. Please let me know. Thank you for your help.
    Cheryl Wilkinson

    • John Idlor

      Cheryl – Full sets were listed for $327. I don’t remember the price of the single d20s.

  5. eloeri81_r

    Any news on when these will be available again? If at all?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      hoping to get another run in before the holidays.

      • eloeri81_r

        Definitely. These dice look spectacular.

  6. Kris

    Would love some d20s. Excellent

  7. Brent

    Will there be a second run before Christmas?

  8. bluetard26

    when will you be getting more of these in? I really want to buy these.

  9. The Cretin

    The pics make it look like the heavy acrylic resin sides are hard to read…can anyone put my fears to rest?

  10. SMorgenstern

    Two questions:

    When will you be doing a second run of these? I am really wanting a Bamboo Green set.

    Will you have a table at GenCon this year and be stocking these dice sets?
    If so, and that is the earliest that thses dice will be available again, I would love to pre-order a set of the Bamboo green and pick them up at GenCon

  11. Thomad

    Possible to still get these?

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