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Gator Jawbone Dice – Second Run




gator jaw bone d20sLast year we rolled out something special for GenCon, something we’ve been asked to make since the very first day Artisan Dice existed. It’s the 2nd most commonly asked for item on our customers’ wish lists. Bone Dice.

For those that aren’t aware, bone makes for horrible dice, it’s porous, oddly shaped, prone to chipping, and the larger pieces we need to make dice from are hollow and spongy in the middle thanks to that wonderful thing called marrow. So, for the longest time our standard answer was, “Nope sorry, we don’t make bone dice.”

As it would turn out all those issues are solved once you stabilize the bone and cast it in a urethane resin block. The colored holes you see are the resin filling in the teeth holes in the gator jawbone. The white parts are the actual gator jawbone. Yup, these dice aren’t just crated from any old bone, they’re made from an actual alligator jaw bone fresh from the swamps of Lousiana. Actually, they come from an alligator farm in Louisiana where we source gator jawbones from the largest of farm raised gators as it takes an 8ft gator to have a large enough jawbone to craft our dice from. Much like carnivorous cows, these gators are raised for meat and leather. If you haven’t tried it, fried alligator tail is really delicious.

This is our second run of Gator Jawbone dice. For this run we’ve got Red Snapper with Metallic Gold numbers along with Swampy Night and Metallic Copper Numbers. We have a very limited number of d20s this time around, but we are hoping to get more material soon.

19 reviews for Gator Jawbone Dice – Second Run

  1. Any chance of you doing a full set in these? And any chance of getting silver numbers? 🙂

    • yes and yes. as soon as we get more gator jaw materail in.

  2. I really want these in an oversized d6. 25mm would be perfect.

    • we make 3/4″ d6’s so they are slightly oversized.

      • Excellent. When would I be able to order a set of 4d6?

  3. I’ve been waiting for these to become available again, just ordered one for myself. I cannot wait to receive it.

    • a ton of folks have been asking for them since our last run several months ago. we had some difficulties getting more of the gator jawbones.

  4. How well balanced do they tend to be?

    • they will roll as randomly as any other dice out there.

  5. Been waiting for the 2nd run…those look amazing, I want a full set though.

    • the next round of full polysets will be done with the next run.

  6. Sweet! Can’t wait to get these. Keep up the great work…waiting for Dragon’s dice to become available again 🙂

    • thanks philip. the dragon’s dice will be avialable agian once we get our fiber laser issue solved.

  7. Is there any way that you could make a similar set made from bear bone? I know there’s a lot of things to consider, but do you think it would be feasible?

  8. Will you have any of these at GenCon? Indy?

  9. I’m wondering if there will be deals like buy 3 sets and get a discount since the price is kind of out of my range for them even though I get why it’s expensive.

  10. Can you put me on a list for when i can get a set of d10s?

  11. Do these come with their own custom boxes?

  12. I just put an order in for 2 of these and a set of pearl inlaid cedar. About how long till I will recieve these? I am so excited to be able to order from this site!

  13. I’m really glad I found this site now I can have the better of dice at my school. And own my friends in a good old game of D&D.

  14. I would love a set of these, but my concern is that the dice are not evenly weighted. Is the resin you use the same density as the bone, also if it is, can you know if you filled every crack and pore with resin?

  15. Seriously, I have never been more excited to find out a set of dice exists in my whole life. I have been searching for bone dice for YEARS, I would love to know when you think these might be available again.

  16. When/If these come back in stock can you let me know? would make an awesome anniversary gift for the hubster!

  17. So when might these be restocked? Also how much would a d20 individually cost? Or a whole set?

  18. I do have a question. Where do you acquire the Gator bone material? I just want to know that the gators aren’t being killed for solely one part of their body.

  19. I think if people would read before making a comment a whole lot of redundant questions could be avoided. the bone comes from gator farms which harvest gators for all the same reasons people harvest cattle.

    Also Charlie only seems to answer questions for a few minutes after the post goes up then stops so it’s unlikely he’ll respond any further 🙁 (wouldn’t we rather he was busy making awesome dice anyway? lol )

    • My bad, I didn’t pay attention.

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