The Genteel in Laotioan Black and White Ebony Burl


laotioan black and white ebony burl pen with posted capSo I decided to tap in to my stock of awesome woods, and turn a couple of truly exotic pens. Each pen has crafted in our Genteel style. Each Genteel pen is shaped with a subtle subtle concave radii of a sweeping nature lending an elegance and grace to the Genteel. This subtlety is complimented with all metal hardware available in two different styles, a finely threaded postable cap, and a Schmidt ball point with a hardened ceramic roller making these one of the smoothest ball point style pens around. These pens have a wonderful weight in hand and an excellent balance to them thanks to the all metal hardware and dense ebony burl.

laotioan black and white ebony burl pen closed capThe Copper hardware is of a more organic nature and consists of a rounded post and narrow wasted clip with a semi-Celtic knot work design on the center band. The Chrome hardware is of a more cylindrical nature with a tapering clip and simple black/chrome center band.

These were crafted from Black and White Laotian Ebony Burl. Black and White Ebony is a true ebony from South East Asia. Unlike most exotic woods, Black and White Ebony has a wildly variegated color pattern that consists of interspersed black and white patches. The burl however, is another story entirely. The typical black and white patches are gone and the colors are intermingled in a fantastically subtle marble pattern I haven’t seen in any other wood. In addition to the typical black and white colors, you’ll also find greens and purples which look to be the a result of the fungus that caused this ultra rare burl to form.

Black and White Laotioan Ebony BurlI was lucky enough to happen upon this burl stashed in the back of my local exotic lumber yard, where it had been living since it was imported back in 2005. Though it weighed in at a massive 102lbs of sharp spiny awesome, most if it had to be cut away and trashed as it has split and cracked in to an unusable state over the years. What I did manage to salvage has turned out to be some of my favorite wood to work. The unique grain, color, and figure of this burl is like nothing else in the world.




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