We’re Going to Germany and Starting a New D&D Campaign.


pink ivory and lignum vitae givea way setFirst we’re headed to Essen, Germany in less than 10 days for Spiel. If you’re not familiar with Spiel, it’s the grandaddy of all gaming conventions. We’ll be in booth 2-C102 for the entire event. So if you’re going to be at Spiel, stop by and see us.  We’ll have tons of cool dice to show off as well as games to play.

If you can’t make it to Spiel, we’ve got something cool for you too. From now until October 13th, you can get 10% off of all orders over $75. For our international fans, we’ll be shipping all orders over $200 for free. (State side shipping is ALWAYS free.)

And that brings me to our second awesome thing of the week, this set of Pink Ivory dice with a Lignum Vitae box that we were supposed to be giving away during our live build day. Sadly, I got so wrapped up in making cool dice that I forgot to post it up, so we’re giving it away this weekend. Which brings me to my next point.

We’re starting a new D&D Campaign! AND I DON’T HAVE TO DM!!!! *does happy dance* I do however, need to come up with a character. This is where our give away comes in. You see, I no longer have any of my 3.5 Edition books, and I’m not much for online character builders. So I figure we’ll hold a little competition to build the best damned 8th level Suicide Ranger to ever grace a 3.5 Edition Campaign. The winner gets the above set of dice.

Here’s the rules as per our DM:

  • All official WotC 3.5 books are fair game.
  • Must be 8th level.
  • Any Race/Monster is ok provided level adjustment rules are followed.
  • Character Archetype is Suicide Ranger.
  • 135,000 starting gold, spend it all in one place if you choose.
  • 37 Point Buy using the standard scaling system

So what will it take to win? One totally awesome Ranger that throw caution to the wind in order to deals out serious amounts of hurt upon his favored enemy. The most broketastic build will not necessarily be the winner as bonus points will be given for fun/unique play styles. So the goal is to build a character the rest of the party will remember for years to come.

How do you enter? We’ll by posting your build below, or over on our facebook page. You can paste a stat block in the comments, or link to a pdf download, or a character builder. However you want to do it. The winner will be picked Saturday the 12th at 7pm CST. That means you have just over 24 hours to enter.

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  1. Max G

    It’s been a long time since I’ve played 3.5, and I’ve always been one to play for theme more than optimization but I’ve always wanted to do something different with the Thri-Keen. This is a good framework, I think, for what you’re setting to accomplish.

    Thematically he’s a desert hunter,using his earth-toned carapace to hide among the sand dunes and rocky crags. Like the mantis, he patiently waits for a target to get in close then viciously ambushes them with his multi-armed form, hacking and slashing his prey to bits before they knew what happened!

    I don’t know what the “loot” situation is, but I advise giving him four light blades to take full advantage of his four arms and weapon finesse, he’ll become a flurry of metal and chiton. I also picked Favored Enemies based on his hunting locale, but adjust it and anything else to your personal taste. I’ve given you the base, now make the character yours!

    Link to Character Sheet below:

  2. FlyingCarpet

    I did a basic build its
    3 Ranger/2 Barbarian/2 Fighter/1 Horizon Walker
    Basically it doesn’t fatigue from Barbarian Berserk, its a pretty common build. I was play around with the money, the Sylvan Scimitar is going to be a +3 with Improved Crit on it instead, I had already put cleave on, and messed with the gold abit, and the Weapon became pointless as it was. Well It’s basically just increased Crit. The Character sheet is pretty straight forward.


    I still think a better build would be a Cleric Goblin (Going classic Jig style)

    Or a Rouge/Fighter/Shadowdancer who takes the wild cohort feat on his Intelligent Magic Carpet.
    You would have sneak attack, plus charge, on a lance… It would be Legendary!! But this build is ridiculous as well…

  3. josh

    here is my 2 ideas for rangers 3.5 editions. Having played a ranger for most of the campaigns this is very effective and deals alot of damage.

  4. Ryan

    So nothing too fancy I just wanted to go more on the fun simple side.

    Lvl 7 Goliath Ranger no multiclass

    The cool thing about Goliaths is they can use large weapons so even though the sheet only lists one I see a setup with 2 Large bastard swords one is +3 Flaming Burst the other is +3 Shocking Burst. Attack Bonus for both ends up at +14/+9, but the hits can be hard (assuming both attacks for each hand hit your doing 8d8 + 2d6 fire + 2d6 shock + 18. No armor cause armor is for wussies, and besides if you wear armor no on can see your super important skin markings.



  5. Sarah D

    Ok, here’s my submission (sorry, it’s just going to be a stat block/description – can’t get my PDF to work right 🙂 Plus, it’s late and this is my first time using a Monstrous Humaniod so some of my math might be off.

    Basically this character focuses on headlong charging into battle and having a high chance of crit hits on his favored enemy. A successful charge/leap attack on the selected favored enemy should result in a total attack bonus of +14, threat range of 15-20, regular damage of 3d6 + 2d6 + 37 (crit damage of x2+1d10).

    Centaur 6 / Ranger 1 / Fighter 1
    Str – 26
    Dex – 20
    Con – 20
    Int – 8
    Wis – 12
    Cha – 8

    HP: 80 Speed: 50ft/x4 Size: Large
    AC: 26 (+9 Armor Bonus, +5 Dex Bonus, -1 Size Mod, +3 Natural Armor)
    Touch AC: 14 Flat Footed AC: 21
    Initiative: +5

    Fort: +10 (+5 Base, +5 Ability Mod)
    Ref: +11 (+6 Base, +5 Ability Mod)
    Will: +5 (+4 Base, +1 Ability Mod)

    Base Attack Bonus: +6
    Grapple: +18 (+6 BAB, +8 Str Mod, +4 Size Mod)
    Melee Attack Bonus: +13/+8 (+6 BAB, +8 Str Mod, -1 Size Mod)
    Ranged Attack Bonus: +10/+5 (+6 BAB, +5 Dex Mod, -1 Size Mod)

    Skills: Jump +24 (+8 Ranks, +8 Str Mod, +8 Misc)
    (this is the only skill that matters for this build, so use the rest of the points however)

    Race Abilities:
    * +8 Str, +4 Dex, +4 Con, -2 Int, +2 Wis
    * Base land speed of 50 feet
    * +3 Natural Armor bonus
    * Natural Weapons: 2 Hooves (1d6+4)
    * Darkvision 60 feet
    * Favored Class: Ranger

    Class Abilities
    * Prof in all armor and all shields, all simple and martial weapons
    * Wild Empathy
    * Favored Enemy

    * Power Attack (PH 98): Trade attack bonus for damage(up to base attack bonus)
    * Leap Attack (CAd 110): Doubles damage by Power Attack on a successful charge
    * Powerful Charge (ECS 57): Extra damage when charging (+2d6 for Large creatures) (Fighter Bonus Feat)
    * Favored Critical (Masters of the Wild 23): Double threat range against selected Favored Enemy (for example, for this character’s keen greatsword, threat range would be 15-20 against the selected Favored Enemy)

    Armor: +5 Mithril Shirt

    Main Weapon: +5 Keen Flaming Burst Greatsword of Speed (Large, Slashing Type, Two-Handed Attack)
    * Total Attack Bonus: +18/+13
    * Damage: 3d6 +17
    * Critical: 17-20 / x2+1d10
    * Speed (1 extra attack with this weapon each round)

  6. Kenner

    You know I have a 3.5 Slipcase (all 3 core books) in virgin condition. 😉

  7. Damian V

    When I think suicide ranger…I think charging headlong into battle with two giant longswords. If you can take flaws, Leap Attack (CAdv) and Flay (Champ of Ruin) were the next two I was thinking.
    If you can have traits, I would say Aggressive (+2 init, -1 AC) would be up suicide alley.
    Left Companion and spell choice (woot 2 1st lvl) up to you.


  8. Phillip D Quatermass

  9. Jessica Gains

    Unfortunately, all of our gaming books are packed in boxes for us to move. However, we still managed to come up with this:


    The Craven feat is available in Champions of Ruin.

  10. Damian V

  11. Charlie Brumfield

    And the winner is….. FlyingCarpet, who posted over on the comments section. Runner ups are Leroy J. (dat sword is HUGE) the Brass armed Assasimir, even though I’m pretty sure that armor is broken, and Mr. Adwell, because well, damn man those are some detailed character sheets. All 4 of you please message me your contact info so we can get yall some dice.

  12. Phillip D Quatermass

    Message sent via facebook. Thank you.

  13. Henry

    Did you ever even get my submission? I sent it through Facebook because I couldn’t upload it…long story. Usually it says seen when someone views it, this doesn’t. Just wondering if you ever even seen it. Thanks!

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yup we received it.

  14. Laurent Krantz

    Passed by your booth, nobody there. Are you present tomorrow or sunday?

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