Inlaid Padauk D20s with Sapwood


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Padauk grows through out Africa, though locally it’s known under a variety of native African names including Kisese in Congo, Mbel in Cameroon, Mukula & N’gula in Zaire, and Tacula in Angola. The leaves of the Padauk tree are high in vitamin C and are used as a leafy green vegetable. Padauk’s wood is used commonly in African drums as well as acoustic guitars due to it’s tonal properties. Padauk develops more vibrant colors as it is worked. The shavings and dust are BRIGHT orange and stain the minion’s hands much like a bag of cheetos.  Quite impressive really. The dark striations seen here appear once the dice are clear coated and the color changes to a metallic red red orange that will age to a dark orange over time much as mahogany and cherry woods age with time.

These particular dice were made from stock that includes both the vibrant orange heart wood and the cream colored sapwood. Each face has been inlaid with either Copper on the sapwood faces or Electrum on the heartwood. There are just 2 of our Big Ass d20’s and 5 of our standard d20s. Our standard d20s measure 3/4″ across and Big Ass generators of randomness measure a full 1 ½” face to face or roughly the perfect size to fit in a minion’s palm.

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