It’s been a year already?!


stainles ssteel polyhedral diceOne year ago on this very weekend, I gave each person in my gaming group a set of fudge dice. In return they got me drunk, and in a fit of alcohol induce inspiration, convinced me to launch a kickstarter for six-sided wooden dice. I launched that project asking for $300, and expected to have a tough time raising even that much cash. Much to my surprise we raised over 5 times that amount in the first 24 hours, and when the dust settled 30 days later we had raised well over $90,000 with near enough 1200 backers. I wanted to thank each and every one of those 1200 folks. Without their support Artisan Dice would not exist. Thanks to our awesome backers and our nearly rabid facebook fans, I have the coolest job in world.

So to celebrate the end of a whirl wind year, and the upcoming launch of our next Kickstarter project on Monday, March the 11th, we’re giving away a ton of stuff this weekend. Included the very first machined stainless steel polyhedral dice! These are the very dice we used to R&D our new metal dice line back in December. And yes they will be engraved later today so they will have numbers before you get them ;). How do you win these historic dice? We’ll first you need to head on over to our facebook page and share this post and like our page to help us get the last 500 fans to break the  5000 follower mark  before 12:00am CST on Sunday March 10th. We’ll announce the winner at midnight shortly before officially launching our Polyhedral Project on Kickstarter. For those of you without facebook you can comment on this post to enter. If you have facebook we’d much appreciate you entering there to help us spread the word.

Now giving away a single set of dice just isn’t our style. Artisan Dice was started with the idea to give freely and give often so our facebook fans all know that when we give stuff away, we give away a ton of stuff. So while we finish up the last of the original Kickstarter orders this weekend we’ll be posting up sets of dice for you to win periodically. All you’ll have to do is participate in some fun competitions and help spread the word about our new polyhedral Kickstarter by sharing this post. If we can fund our project in the first 24 hours, we’ll be giving away one set from every single backer level to our facebook fans since we know that as awesome as Kickstarter is, not everyone can participate in the fun.

The last thing we are doing to celebrate our first anniversary is to give each and every one of our customers 15% off of everything we make for the entire weekend. All you need to do is enter “ilikedice” as the discount code when you checkout.

So head on over to our facebook page and help us celebrate our 1st birthday and win some very cool dice in the process!

60 reviews for It’s been a year already?!

  1. Ben

    Very cool that you make all these dice. Keep up the good work!

    • davidmcleod

      Thanks Ben! We think it’s pretty cool to.

      -David M.

  2. Nathan Murphy

    Thank you very much for giving back to your fans, it is a rare quality in a business these days.

    • davidmcleod

      Well we are very aware that Artisan Dice wouldn’t exist without our fans!

      -David M.

  3. Christopher Jennings

    This are simply elegant and lovely little pieces of art. Definitely will be acquiring some sets once some room in my budget will allow me to.

    • davidmcleod

      Thanks Chris, of course we made them to be played with, not just to be admired from afar.

      -David M.

  4. Jefferson

    Awesome! I love the metal dice.

    • davidmcleod

      Thanks, the stainless steel does look great.

      -David M.

  5. Jake Sippel

    Absolutely LOVE these dice! Amazing work!

    • davidmcleod

      Thank You 🙂

      -David M.

  6. Justin Yates

    I believe that this is the best way to treat yourself if you have been a gamer for life. Been playing DnD since I was 10, thats 31 years ago and still playing. Thanks again for creating something that I will enjoy for 30 more years.

    • davidmcleod

      They definitely aren’t something that you find in every gaming store.

      -David M.

  7. Hollis

    To take the utilitarian and turn it into art is an art unto itself.

  8. Dean Tulipane

    I’ve been watching this page for a couple of months now, I think I’d really like to pick up a set of these dice they all look amazing. Congratulations on an awesome first year and I personally look forward to seeing what is yet to come.

    • davidmcleod


      -David M.

  9. Sean C. J. Bourke

    Git me some of dem dice!!!

  10. Cassie G

    These are awesome, definitely going on the Christmas list for my husband.

    • davidmcleod

      Thanks, they do make great gifts.

      -David M.

  11. AlecT

    Cool giveaway and good luck on the new KS! I dont have FB, so commenting here.

    • davidmcleod

      Thanks for the good luck, we should be launching Monday.

      -David M.

  12. Neil

    Wow it’s no wonder your kickstarter was such a huge success, bookmarking for when I have enough spare cash.

  13. Lee

    Beautiful stuff you have. Too bad it’s out of my price range. :'(

    • davidmcleod

      Sorry Lee, we do have d6 sets for about $30, that includes shipping and taxes if you’re stateside.

      -David M.

  14. Steven

    Cool looking dice.

    • davidmcleod


      -David M.

  15. Avalon

    Very cool! No facebook, so commenting here!

  16. Aaron

    Looking forward to this new kickstarter!

  17. AdamW

    These dice look awesome! Commenting to get in the give-away. I bet you roll some of those awesome dice to determine who gets a set.

  18. John D.

    Those are some nice-looking chunks of wood. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  19. BassBone

    Gorgeous dice.

  20. Justin S.

    Sweet, looking forward to your next kickstarter!

  21. Uriah O

    Those are great dice! Good luck in the second year!

  22. Popenasty McShasty

    I can haz dice? I remember when your kickstarter started and I pledged for a set. Then money got tight and I had to drop out. Hoping to get a set this time around.

  23. Kash

    Since we are going metal, can we have pure gold dice? :p

  24. Brian W

    Those look gorgeous. Hope it goes well.

  25. Matthew B

    I love the look of these dice, and as a avid D&D player, they are on my christmas list to myself 😛

  26. Brian G

    These look fantastic. I love the handcrafted look.

  27. Mike C

    Congratulations on your first year!!
    I love me some fancy dice. Can’t wait to add these to my dice bag 😛

  28. Andrew

    These look great! Good luck on the kickstarter!

  29. Liz

    You guys have a fantastic story…best of luck going forward!

  30. xzarth

    Not too shabby at all!

  31. Lee N

    Sweet looking dice sets. Bookmarking for a later purchase. Will check back on the 11th for the new kickstarter. Shame the shares for a chance to win are failbook only. Hook us + users up with some love!

  32. Joe

    Those dice look shweeeet!!!

  33. Joe Younger


  34. The art bug

    Wow those are beautiful, a must have for mine and my fiancé’s collection

  35. Marshall W

    These are Awesome, the woods look very classy and the metal are almost futuristic… i vote BAD-ASS!!!

  36. Dennis Stewart

    I hope I win! These dice look really cool!

  37. Joe

    I’m stoked for these.

  38. Grant W

    awesome giveaway, look forward to the kickstarter!

  39. Derek Gundrum

    Gotta get some dice, these look fantastic.

  40. Spencer B

    Heads up: you might want to fix your typo… unless you really mean to give all your fans “15% of everything” you make this weekend, instead of the much more likely “15% _off_”.

    Also, commenting for dices. 😉

  41. Rik

    those look amazing!! congratulations!

  42. Dinah Novy

    I’m so glad a friend shared your post. I had never heard of you before but I really like what I see. Congrats on your first year. May you enjoy many more.

  43. Keiran

    They look amazing. It’s so cool that so many people backed your kickstarter and it’s even cooler than you’re giving some dice away now. Best of luck in the future!

  44. Patrick

    Brilliant stuff!

  45. Jay

    Those look fantastic, congratulations on the one year!

  46. TheWhite

    Holy nice looking dice batman

  47. Jennifer

    These will make great gifts for the gamers in my life

  48. Brandon

    Great job! I love your art!

  49. Zee S

    Beautiful dice! Congrats on your first year, I’m sure its just the first of many 🙂

  50. Michael Dye

    Beautiful work guys. Love everything you’ve been doing. Congratulations on the one year mark and good luck in the future! Keep kicking ass!

  51. John

    I missed the first, so I’m really looking forward to your next kickstarter! I hope you guys continue to see a steady supply of business so you can keep making awesome dice.

  52. PhysicsPhDStu

    Amazing work! R0ck on!

  53. Scott

    Wow, these are cool looking dices. I will keep an eye out for when they come out!

  54. Jon Mierow

    What an awesome idea. Congrats on the one year! Looking forward to the new project (and possibly winning a set of dice!).

  55. Dustin

    I’m in for the next kickstarter! Sad i missed the first, but I found you and now I’m gonna be a customer, I’ve already got 2-3 sets picked out, if I werent in the middle of the process of buying land/building a house on it, I’d already have orders placed.

  56. Shawn Klaus

    The real question is… use them and potentially mar them, or not?

    • davidmcleod

      They’re pretty tough, and if they are ever damaged we will repair or replace them for free.

      -David M.

  57. Monica C.

    I already shared the Facebook post, but I just wanted to say here that the metal dice look amazing, and I am so happy to have been and still be a part of the success of Artisan Dice. I love the fact that, in my own small way, I helped a fellow gamer and artisan turn a fun hobby into an awesome career, and I enjoy using my dice every time I play my Saga Star Wars character. Wooden dice totally love Jedi. 😀

    I can’t wait for the polyhedral kickstarter. I’ve been psyched about it since you mentioned that you were going to hold one. You guys are awesome, and I hope you make dice for many, many years.

    Much love from Indiana!

    • davidmcleod

      Thanks for the kind words Monica, it has certainly been a lot of work for us but it’s paid off.

      -David M.

  58. Dark

    Awesome stuff, i would really like those dice 😀

    • davidmcleod

      Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones lol

      -David M.

  59. Yvonne Kimbler

    Wow. I so want my own pair. Its been a long time since my last set.

  60. Andrejs

    I love the idea and tle look of all of these dice, But I also have a question; several of the woods listed are very very rare and even endangered, some take an amazingly long time to grow. I’m not an expert on this so please forgive me but does Artisan Dice have a sustainable policy in regard to the extant (non-extinct) species you use?

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