Jet Dice with Aurora Inlay

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aurora inlay jet lead photoJet, also known as lignite, derives its name from the French word, jaiet, and gives its name to the term, jet-black. Jet has been widely used as a gemstone since the Neolithic period and examples of jet jewelry have been found in Germany dating to 10,000 B.C. The Romans found a love of Jet in the 3rd century, but its use fell out of fashion until the Victorian Era once Queen Victoria herself adorned her mourning dress with jet after her husband’s, Prince Albert, death.

Jet despite its historical use as a gemstone, isn’t really a gemstone. Jet is in the same family as pearls and amber, since it is an organic material. Jet is formed from super compressed decayed wood mixed with a touch of salt water then cooked for eons in the warm oven of Earth’s crust.

Aurora Inlay Jet D20s

Aurora Inlay Jet D20s

Daemon Red Jet d20

Daemon Red Jet d20

Fusion Blue Jet d20

Fusion Blue Jet d20

Paroxysm Purple Jet d20

Paroxysm Purple Jet d20

Psychopathic Pink Jet d20

Psychopathic Pink Jet d20

Toxic Green Jet d20

Toxic Green Jet d20

Unholy Orange Jet d20

Unholy Orange Jet d20

Raw Jet Dice

Raw Jet Dice

In our third run we’re making 2 dozen d20s , and inlaying each d20 with the Aurora Inlay of your choice. You may choose between Daemon Red, Unholy Orange Aurora, Toxic Green, Sinister Yellow, Psychopathic Pink, Paroxysm Purple, and Fusion Blue Aurora Inlays. Each Jet d20 comes in a Black Walnut box.

PLEASE NOTE: These dice are NOT premade as each inlay is done to order, but these dice will be shipping in time for Christmas delivery. 

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Inlay Options

No Inlay, Daemon Red, Fusion Blue, Sinister Yellow, Toxic Green, Paroxysm Purple, Psychopathic Pink, Unholy Orange

21 reviews for Jet Dice with Aurora Inlay

  1. Maya Lynn

    I so wish I had that much money laying around.

  2. Nik Tzanavaris

    Man, I would love a 10 d10 set of these in unholy orange for my WOD tabletop games.

    • Erin

      I was thinking the same thing! The toxic green one for me, though.

  3. philip

    Wow! More amazing work. Was hoping these would be back up for sale quick 🙂

  4. Mr Teufel

    You’ve got two orange and no green.

  5. Jason

    Wow these are nice. I have a wood set but would love to get a set of these as well.

  6. Pipebeard

    Will you be doing a full polyhedral set for this? I might hold off on getting one if I can get a full set later down the line.

  7. Nicholas Harris

    Man, I was hoping I would see a full set of these this time. They would have been a great anniversary gift for the wife.

  8. Sophie

    Surely a raw material derived from wood would contain defects and have a range of densities within it and be unsuitable for making dice evenly weighted throughout. What measures do you take to ensure your dice are fair?

    • Justin

      The forces used to roll dice far exceed any difference that some minor random changes in density cause. Same for the inlaid gem dice. It just isn’t an issue when you roll them. You’d have to be able to feel the difference for it to be an issue and its much less an issue in a D20 due to the shape of the dice.

  9. Rowcar

    I love these. I want a whole set of dice like this inclding Fate dice!

  10. Brenda

    These sold out way to fast 🙁 maybe the next run will be for a full polyhedral set I would love one.

  11. Sean


    Thank you for showing them in normal light as well as black light. It makes these even more impressive.

  12. Matt

    When will these be shipped out?

  13. Kenneth

    How much are these when they are not sold out?

    • Dave

      My D20 was $67. The sets were $510.

  14. Dave

    I got my Daemon red inlaid D20 this morning. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to use this my rpg games and constantly roll 1s then get mad, blame the die, and find a reason to buy another one. But seriously, this die gorgeous.

  15. Ian

    Can we get another run? Hopefully a full set? Would love a full set of these or mammoth.

    • Rowcar

      Yes! Another run please!

  16. River Curtis-Stanley

    Please create more jet dice, hopefully inlaid with emerald and other gemstones. I’d love a full set of the Aurora dice and any other jet dice, especially inlaid with precious or semi-precious stones.

  17. kyle bacik

    hey i just found this need plz make more 🙂

  18. Scott (verified owner)

    While my green d20 is very cool, don’t expect it to be quite as colorful as shown here. Here is a pic of mine:

    This was after I used the flash; the color in the non-flash pic was even more muted. Plus the order took over 7 months (which I don’t mind, but be warned if you are the type that wants instant gratification.)

  19. Scaraman2112

    Bought a jet die with red inlay and it is beautiful. If they make another run be patient, they are HANDMADE!

  20. Steven

    10/10 would buy…will this be seeing a return anytime in the future?

  21. Amber

    I would love a chance to purchase some of these for myself. They’re absolutely beautiful! Hoping we’ll see more available.

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