Khamphi Rosewood Burl Polyhedral Set


Khamphi Rosewood Burl Set #2I have a new favorite burl. It’s too bad that I was only able to work with it once. That burl is Khamphi Rosewood Burl. Oh my DAMN this stuff is beautiful. The crazy swirls in the burl pattern, and the contrast between the heart and sapwoods, be still my heart. Even the bug holes are perfectly preserved. Khamphi Rosewood is exceedingly rare on my side of the world and the burls just aren’t available. It was pure luck that I happened across this burl as one of our Kickstarter backers pointed it out to us.

khamphi rosewood burl boxed setsThis is by far and away the most striking burl I’ve ever worked with. I wanted to keep all the dice we made from it. Alas, that was not the case. Originally we posted 8 d20s on Cyber Monday, each of which were gone in a matter of minutes. I posted a few pictures of the 3 full polyhedral sets, but I held them back as they needed custom boxes to be made. Over the next week, 2 of those sets were purchased, leaving me with one set that I have yet to be able to convince myself to post. Unfortunately I keep finding the Fluffy Minion in the corner petting them and repeating “My precsiouses” over and over. So it’s time they found a home before Fluffy tries to swallow them in an attempt to keep anyone else from getting them.

Khamphi Rosewood Burl Set #3Each one of these dice has had each face hand polished and buffed to silky smooth finish with a hard carnuba wax. These are seriously beautiful dice. Quite honestly, the best we’ve ever made. So not just any old dice box will do. These dice reside in a custom dice box laser cut from polished Khamphi Rosewood that features a Wenge insert which contrasts the vibrant deep reds of the Khamphi Rosewood Burl. The photos you see here are of sets #2 and #3. (I did not get set #1 photographed before it was shipped.)  The remaining set seen to the left, is Set #3.

IHexen in Khamphi Rosewood Burl also used the very last of the Khamphi Rosewood Burl to make a pen and pencil set in our new Hexen style. The Hexen features a 2mm pencil lead, which as far as I am concerned is the finest style pencil in the world as it strikes the perfect balance between precision writing, and strength. The lead can also be swapped for any number of hardnesses, a feature I found to be invaluable during my near decade long stint as an art student. The Hexen pen features a Parker style roller ball, which is one of the smoothest roller balls on the market.


2 reviews for Khamphi Rosewood Burl Polyhedral Set

  1. Pirate

    Oh my wow. Having seen this wood in person, I know whatever home this goes to will be very happy. That pen and pencil set is unbelievable. I hope you are all very proud of this work!

    • Pirate Jarnes

      How much was the pen/pencil set?

  2. John D

    Will you be offering other pen and pencil sets in the Hexen style?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yup we will be

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