Khamphi Rosewood w/ Turquoise Inlay


khamphi rosewood with turquoise inlayKhamphi is a deep burgundy color that polishes to an amazing richness and luster. It also smells like heaven when it is being worked. It definitely is my favorite scent of all the Rosewoods.

Khamphi is not exactly rare, it’s just insanely difficult to try and harvest it. The roads to the areas where it grows were land mined in past wars and those mines have been deemed too costly to remove by the Laotian government. As a result there is not much Khamphi Rosewood available which is rather sad as this stuff is absolutely stunning.

This particular set has been inlaid with Turquoise along a naturally occurring crack that started in the cream colored spalted sap wood, and continued in to the burgandy heartwood.


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