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For the past two years we’ve been asked on almost a daily basis if we would ever make Life Counter style d20s. Well rejoice collectable card game fans! That day has finally come. You can also select from Blue Mahoe, Bloodwood, American Holly, Lignum Vitae, or you can even choose to have your Life Counter made from Ancient Bog Oak. What happens when an oak tree soaks in a swamp for thousands of years? It turns a sinister black as the evil of that dank, fetid water is absorbed into the fibers of the once-mighty oak. This stuff is seriously cool, and it’s older than Methuselah. About 5,000 years ago, a tree fell in a swamp in what would one day become Eastern Russia. During that time the pale warm oak tones have been replaced with rich tobacco browns and sinister blacks. 

You can also choose to get a set of all five (Blue Mahoe, Bloodwood, American Holly, Lignum Vitae, & Ancient Bog Wood) Life Counter d20s in our standard dice box, or even have us choose a random selection for you from our stock of over 127 different variates  of exotic woods.

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Bloodwood, BlueMahoe, BogOak, LignumVitae, AmericanHolly, SetOfAll5

4 reviews for Life Counter d20s

  1. Pirate

    Besides being marketed to MtG fans, can you explain to a muggle how this is different from other d20s?

    • John Idlor

      The numbers are arranged so that the faces are sequential. The are also know as spin-down dice.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      as john said, the numbers are arranged sequentially. their primary use is in MtG as a life counter, since your health starts at 20.

  2. Sam

    Are they larger than a standard d20?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      these are the same 3/4″ size of our regular dice.

  3. Ace

    Hey! I’ve been pretty obsessed with finding some good quality dice, and I absolutely am in love with your shop! Originally I was looking for petrified wood polyhedrons (which, turns out, I was a bit too late to grab some of those with your kick starter, dammit) but these are just as good!

    My main question is, out of this dice set, could I simply just choose to have one (the lignum vitae and then you guys pick the rest randomly?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      if you get the set you’ll nab all 5 colors. you’ll nab all 5 of the colors. if you’d like we can do and assorted pull for 4 of them though, that way you can get the LV. just specify so in the comments.

  4. Derek Evanoff

    Got my set of 5 in the mail the other day, thought I’d give a quick review for those interested.

    I ordered these planning to use them for keeping track of life in MTG. Getting one for each of the colors in magic seemed neat.

    The American Holly (white) and Bloodwood (red) both look amazing. Numbering is crisp and easy to see at a glance. If you are only ordering 1 or 2 I would choose one of these.

    The Lignum Vitae (green) that I have is still mostly tan, but if it becomes more green overtime it will be quite nice. Seems it will still be easy to see the numbering even if it gets darker green.

    The English Bog Oak (black) was a disappointment. It is dark enough that the black numbering is almost impossible to see without picking up the die and getting the light to gleam off it just right. I don’t see how it could really be used for anything. It really needed the numbering to be light colored and if it was I think it would be one of the best of the 5.

    The Blue Mahoe (blue) suffers kind of the same fate as the bog oak, but not to the same degree. I am able to read the number on most faces without having to pick up the die but its not as easy as the other 3.

    Not sure if it would matter to anyone, but the dice are a tiny bit smaller than the normal spindowns you get in magic products.

    Overall I was very happy with 3 of the set and the 4th is good enough to use. And since buying the set is cheaper than 4 individually its still the way to go. Might just want to pick a different wood then the bog oak.

    • Michael

      On the size of the dice, these are smaller then MtG life counters cause MtG life counters are actually slightly bigger then normal D20.

      Aside: This shit is crazy! Totally getting some dice when I get more funds.

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