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macadamianutMacadamia Nuts are freaking delicious! And Macadamia Wood is freaking beautiful! This Hawaiian wood originated in New Caldonia and North Eastern Queensland. It is similar in appearance to lacewood & leopardwood, thanks to the medulary rays. However the heart wood is full of warm oranges, pinks, and reds, while the sap wood is a cool green tone. Luckily these trees are small enough that our blanks often contain sap wood.

The color becomes more vibrant when finished and just like lacewood, the appearance of the markings changes based on the angle the wood has been cut since the lacy pattern is only visible on the ends of the medulary rays. They other sides will have a tiger striped patterns with long or short striping. Macadamia wood is very rarely cut as the nuts are insanely expensive (and tasty). It is notoriously difficult to dry and often develops multiple defects before it is fully dry leading to a very small yield. Needless to say Macadamia wood’s beauty and rare availability earns it a place among the rest of the Gaea’s Preserve woods.

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4dF, 4d6, 5d6, 6d6, 1d20, 10d10, Full Polyhedral Set

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  1. […] #2: Macadiama Nut – standard yo-yo shape. the meduliar rays in the wood really stand out in this turning as it was cut from the end grain. […]

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