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Metal Inlaid Mpingo d20s 002The original Ebony is not what you might think it is. It’s not even an Ebony. Traditionally we view Gabon Ebony as THE Ebony, but that is not the case. Historically speaking Mpingo, or African Blackwood, was the dark black wood that was imported in to Egypt for thousands of years, and even mentioned in the Bible. So the original Ebony was a Rosewood. Go Figure…

African Blackwood is a super dense True Dalbergia Sp. Rosewood which has one of the finest grains of any known wood. This results results from is slow growth in the dry arid areas of Africa. This makes it an ideal wood for world-class woodwind instruments like clarinets, oboes,  and bag-pipes as well as an ideal turning wood since that fine grain will hold even the most minute detail and polishes to a glassy smooth finish.

Sap Wood Mpingo d20 with Silver Inlay

Sap Wood Mpingo d20 with Silver Inlay – from the Old French word esterlin, Sterling Silver is made up of an alloy of 93% Silver and 7% Copper. It’s oldest use dates to that of the Norman Silver Penny

Mpingo d20 with Alumnium Inlay

Mpingo d20 with Aluminum Inlay – this 3rd most abundant element in the Earth’s crust demanded a price higher than that of Gold when originally discovered due to the immense amounts of energy needed separate the element from the bauxite ore in which it is found.

Mpingo d20 with Brass Inlay

Mpingo d20 with Brass Inlay – made from an alloy of copper and zinc, Brass is a brightest of the yellow metals and has been used in fine metal workings for ages.

Mpingo d20 with Bronze Inlay

Mpingo d20 with Bronze Inlay – this copper alloy was of such importance that it gave birth to an entire Age of Man.

Mpingo d20 with Copper Inlay

Mpingo d20 with Copper Inlay – one of the most important metals in history, copper was the first metal worked by man. This metal saw the dawn of 3 ages of man, Copper, Bronze, and now the Digital Age. With out it, the modern world would be very different indeed.

Mpingo d20 with Stainless Steel Inlay

Mpingo d20 with Stainless Steel Inlay – originally know as inox steel from the French inoxydable meaning inoxidizable. Stainless Steels by definition contain at least 10.5% chromium in their alloy. This high chromium content prevents the steel from rusting.

Mpingo d20 with Iron Inlay

Mpingo d20 with Iron Inlay – the 5th Age of Man was dominated the use of this metal. Modern steels have supplanted the use of pure iron in most applications, this dark metal was the strongest material available to man for a long time.

Mpingo d20 with Electrum Inlay

Mpingo d20 with Electrum Inlay – this naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver can also be produced artificially. Electrum also contains trace amounts of copper and other metals and is know for is very warm tone.

Mpingo d20 with Nickel Silver Inlay

Mpingo d20 with Nickel Silver Inlay – also known as German silver or mailechort, Nickel Silver is an alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc. Warmer and Darker in tone that Sterling Silver, Nickel Silver contains no elemental Silver.

As of January 2017, The Mpingo tree has been added to the CITES list as an endangered species, mostly due to exploitation and illegal logging by Chinese traders in Tanzania and Mozambique. As such, Mpingo can no longer be imported, nor can we ship these dice internationally.


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Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Electrum, Iron, Nickel Silver, Sapwood Silver, Stainless Steel


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