National Dice Day


National Dice Day

Alright I give up! It’s National Dice Day and I’ve gotten about a dozen emails today asking what we are going to be doing for National Dice Day. So here’s what we’ve got. I have 18 d20s left over from Cyber Monday. They are pictured above and will be headed to the engraver as soon as Jamie wraps up the engraving on the ROYGBIV sets.

On the left we have 6 Paela Burl d20 that are a beautiful swirled red-orange color.  Paela Burls are in actuality Chakte Viga burls which means they will darken with age to deep vivid orange color. Unlike typical Chakte Viga, Paela Burl has a wonderful interlocked and twisted grain pattern.

On the right we have 6 Black Poisonwood (Chechen) Burl d20s. These are stunningly figured with nice pinks and greens interspersed with dark markings. Black Poisonwood comes from the Caribbean and is known for its black sap that is an absolutely horrid substance than causes blisters, and other major allergic reactions.  Don’t worry though, these d20s come from kiln dried stock with none of the toxic sap left in them. Not to mention they are completely sealed.

We also have the 6 Red Malee Burl d20s we posted at the tail end of Cyber Monday still available. They are shown in the back. Red Malee is a eucalyptus tree native to Australia. The burls have a nice figure and gorgeous eyes in the figure pattern.

So if you missed out on the Cyber Monday fun here’s a bit of an extension. And since in know these are going to go super fast. We’re going to do something else for today as well. We’re going to do a few assorted 4d20 set today that will come in the last Purple Heart Dice Boxes we made to finish running our Box Maker feed and speed tests. You can see them in the background.


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  1. philip

    Are these still available?

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