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Nouveau Riche in Laotian Black and White Ebony Burl and MpingoThe Nouveau Riche is crafted in the classic Art Deco style, which was a lavish architectural style and art movement that came out of the Roaring Twenties as a response to the more organic forms of the Art Nouveau movement the predominated the prior decade. Art Deco was fabulously successful through out the 20’s and well in to the 30’s and 40’s. You can still see it’s imprint today on building such as The Chrysler and the Empire State Building.

Nouveau Riche in Laotian Black and White Ebony Burl and MpingoThe Nouveau Riche has been designed to evoke those classic Art Deco motifs with a hint of the Art Nouveau, making for a wonderful interplay between the geometric deco patterned hardware and the organic nouveau style filigree.  The hardware of the Nouveau Riche is plated in either Rhodium or Black Titanium with 24K gold inlays.

Nouveau Riche in Laotian Black and White Ebony Burl with Black Titanium HardwareThese fountain pens are crafted with a threaded postable cap turned with triple start threads.  The pocket clip is inset with beautiful amber tone Swarovski Crystal and features classic Art Deco styling reminiscent of the architecture found in skyscrapers of the era. The center band is inlayed with 24K gold, as well as the finial, which is touched off with an organic asymmetric filigree of a style commonly seen in Art Nouveau works.

Nouveau Riche in Mpingo with Rhodium and 24K Gold HardwareThe Nouveau Riche writes as good as it looks with a high end German nib plated in 24K gold featuring a long lasting iridium point. As with all of our fountain pens, the feed mechanism is capable of using either a replaceable cartridge or a refillable inkwell, both of which are included with the pen. If you have never written with a fine fountain pen,  the scritch scritch of a well set nib on fine paper is an experience no ball point can replicate.Nouveau Riche in Laotian Black and White Ebony Burl with Black Titanium Hardware

We have 2 Nouveau Riche pens available at this time, the first is crafted from Laotian Black and White Ebony Burl set in Black Titanium and 24K gold hardware.  Black and White Ebony Burl has a wonderfully buttery texture and is a true ebony from South East Asia. Unlike most exotic woods, Black and White Ebony has a wildly variegated color pattern that consists of interspersed black and white patches. The burl however, is another story entirely. The typical black and white patches are gone and the colors are intermingled in a fantastically subtle marble pattern not seen in any other wood. In addition to the typical black and white colors, you’ll also find greens and purples which look to be the a result of the fungus that caused this ultra rare burl to form.

Nouveau Riche in Mpingo with Rhodium and 24K Gold Hardware The second Nouveau Riche has been crafted from Mpingo and set in Rhodium and 24K gold hardware. Mpingo has a wonderful history that carries a bit of a twist. Traditionally we view Gabon Ebony as THE Ebony, but that is not the case. Historically speaking Mpingo, or African Blackwood, was the dark black wood of Biblical note and was imported in to Egypt for thousands of years as ebony or black wood. It wasn’t until modern times that Gabon Ebony replaced Mpingo as THE black wood.

That is what makes Mpingo so awesome. Where as Gabony Ebony is truly black, Mpingo is not really black, but a deep violet brown of the darkest hues. When polished Mpingo takes on a glassy finish that has the depth and luster of a hand rubbed lacquer paint job that proves nearly impossible to photograph. In this particular pen that depth is magnified by a small burly section that creates an incredible figure in the cap.

Nouveau Riche in Laotian Black and White Ebony Burl in Glass Display Case

Each of these Nouveau Riche pen comes in it’s own glass display case as seen above.

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  1. Yllidor

    Well, they do look gorgeous, but I am constrained by my pocketbook. Not this time I am afraid.

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