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turquoius inlayed d6s crafted from padauk and american hollySooo… while I was rummaging around looking for a few sets of dice that went missing, I stumbled across these beauties. I had forgotten I made these as they were originally a commissioned as a set. These dice were crafted from Padauk and American Holly. The pips have been inlayed with crushed turquoise. I should definitely do more inlay work, it looks amazing and is a ton of fun to do. These are 5 dice sets, each of which is available below.

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  1. Michael Carlton-Jones

    I love the American Holly and especially inlayed. My favorite character to play is a Paladin and the Idea of Pure White dice (especially if inlayed seems awesome) Are you doing inlayed dice again, and if you were, would you consider American Holly inlayed with something gold in color (perhaps crushed Amber?) Could you also inlay polyhedrals or just d6’s

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