Operation Corona

We’re making and donating one thousand face shields to our local hospitals.

What is Operation Corona?

We watched as company after company laid off hundreds of folks in our industry. We watched as our contemporaries in the gaming world started to hunker down and hide from the impending COVID tide. They aren’t the only ones. With a full THIRD of Americans out of work, companies all over the USA are shutting their doors, and truth be told a lot of small business may not survive.

Making a Difference.

But doom and gloom is not how we roll. We’re not the kind of folks that hunker down and wait out a storm. We’re going to make difference in this pandemic. Enter Operation Corona. We’re making and donating 1000 face shields to our local hospitals. They’re desperately short on these critical supplies and we have the skills and tools to make these for our doctors and nurses.

We Need Your Help

While we have the means to make these, we want to do more. We’re a small company with just 6 employees. We don’t have huge piles of cash laying around to fund the creation of thousands and thousands of these much needed face shields.

How Can You Help

You can help us with Project Corona by snagging one of these sweet exotic wooden d20s. Every single die purchased puts a much needed face shield in the hands of a doctor or nurse. They are going through hundreds of these everyday and they are vitally important to keeping them safe so they can continue to care for the tens of thousands of at risk patients. 

Order Now

For every Operation Corona D20 Ordered we’ll be donating one face shield to our doctors and nurses working to help at risk patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  These D20s are made from an assortment of our over 150 species of exotic woods.


Sold Out

*** If you’re a front line emergency worker or have a loved one who is, and would like to purchase a face shield to have shipped directly them can do so here


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