Pau Ferro in a Purple Heart Dice Box


Pau Ferro w/ Lots of Sapwood Pau Ferro with some Sap WoodUp next for Cyber Monday are two sets of Pau Ferro or Bolivian Rosewood. Each Set come in a Purple Heart dice box and includes a quite striking sap wood contrast. The first is nearly 50% sapwood while the second set has a bit of sapwood on the d6s and the tiniest points of sap wood on the polyhedral vertices. Pau Ferro is one of my favorite South American woods thanks to of its density, and natural polish. Pau Ferro is virtually indistinguishable from the true botanical rosewoods, case in point I  though it was a true Rosewood until Ray Jones pointed out that it is machaerium sp. and not dalbergia sp.  Pau Ferro has striking color variations ranging from dark chocolate to golden brown, and black bands with hints of violet. These sets tend towards the cool violet browns.

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  1. Pirate

    These were really stunning. I adore purple.

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